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What's the quickest route to Boston?

Asked by funkyfest (58points) March 19th, 2009

leaving from Jersey City, which is right by NYC. I’m slightly concerned ‘cause we’re leaving on a Friday afternoon which mean there’ll probably be bad traffic.

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Train, followed by Chinatown bus.

For driving,

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We’re going by car, I’m just curious based on people’s experience if there’s a way that might have slightly less traffic at such a time of day.

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You should come back to the city, stop and say hi to me flutters lashes, then take the Lucky Star bus from Chinatown.

Oh, pshaw, you’re driving. You should still stop and see me :D

I can’t really be of any help with this question, seeing as I definitely don’t drive up in these parts, but I wanted to say something, cuz I loves you! Oh, and don’t tell people my real name, kthnx. Keepin’ that one on the dl.

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Problem is that there is no real easy way to get out of Jersey City,

You could try Route 24 west from Newark to the Garden State Pkwy. At its end in Rockland County go east on the Thruway over the Tappan Zee, then 287 across Westchester and merge into I-95 in Rye(?) and go to Boston,

or go west on the Thruway to I-84, take that east over the Hudson and 84 will merge into
the Mass Pike at the ne corner of connecticut.

These routes are longer but Friday night traffic in Jersey,
Westchester and Manhattan is going to be a bitch no matter what you do.

good luck

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Rt84 to Rt290 to Rt90 to Rt495N to Rt93 South.

It’s the longer scenic route, but you should avoid the rhinocerous crowd fuck that is 95 and 93 north during afternoon rush hour.

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I do the trip quite frequently from NY to Boston…Depending on what time you are actually leaving Jersey you might hit traffic in about Stamford Ct, on 95. Either way the fastest you will get to Boston is 4 hours no two ways around it. Check it on google maps, it is a pretty straightforward right though depending on where in Boston you are going.

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whoa oops did not check fluther these past few days, but thanks for the advice, y’all

we took 95 all the way up, which took 5 hours (5 nauseous hours). Most of the traffic was around Jersey/New York. We drove back down today in about 4 hours.

because i <3 you, i shall not speaketh yo’ name. also i apologize for not visiting!

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@funkyfest: That just means you’ll have to visit this week :D

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@cprevite had the best advice, if you’re ever making that trip again i’d recommend that route as well.

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@cprevite Originally NH, spent some time living in NYC, currently live in Worcester, MA. You?!

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@adreamofautumn: Worcester, cool.

I’m from Medford originally; been living in Tewksbury since ‘93

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haha nice. I go to school in Worcester, but i’ll be on my way out of here in May. Not sure where i’m headed just yet.

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That’s good. What are you studying?

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History. When I finish i’ll probably head off to grad school in Education.

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get some rocket fuel. and some wings. !!

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