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what is available for editing vob files?

Asked by archer (761points) November 5th, 2007

i’ve looked, but haven’t found an answer.

i have a video in vob format. it’s too large to get on one blank dvd of the size i currently have. is there a program that i can use to edit it so that the split comes at a logical point of my choosing?

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Macintosh, Windows, or Linux?

That info might help us find a solution for you.

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I believe VOB is raw DVD format. Where did this vob file come from?

You may have better luck going back to the original source and ripping it to a format suitable for editing. You may even be able to re-encode it to fit your desired media.

If you could tell us wha tthe end use for the media is as well that will determine what formats you can output to.

I posted a similar question a while back about getting DVD video into a format I could edit. There were some great responses.

Ultimately I used DVD Decrypter and Handbrake.

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funny how often it happens that just when you give up and ask for assistance a solution pops up. well, in this case a possible solution. i just found a program called dvd dumper, which may be what i’m looking for, but i can’t install it just now to find out. anyone have any experience with this program?

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i submitted my previous comment prior to seeing the above responses. thanks

windows xp

i have no access to the original source.

i don’t wan’t to do any converting if at all avoidable due to quality loss and audio/video syncing issues. this is a vid of a symphonic performance.

the dvd rip has three main file types; vob, bup, and ifo. as i understand it, the ifo file contains all the info having to do with menus and chapters etc. it seems that getting into it is the key to doing what i want to do. but, i’m just guessing.

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i have a VOB file with 7 “chapters” in it. how can i delete unwanted chapters? or extract the one i want? Thank!

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