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Do you do anything special to conquer a head cold?

Asked by benchaos (64points) March 20th, 2009

No generic answers please, I’m already drinking lots of water, getting vitamin C, tea, taking head cold medication, etc.

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Hot Toddy

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You’re allowed to have four doses of NyQuil within 24 hours. I like to save up and use them all at once right before I go to bed. I’m not saying it always happens that way, but if I could resist the urge every hour to take a swig, I would save them up, knock back four doses and be out like a light for the night… and wake up better the next morning.
Sometimes you have to repeat the process for two or three nights… if you’re lucky.
Yeah, I like NyQuil.

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I second the nettie pot!

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try using a vaporizer at night… and in the evenings (old family recipe) boil and strain cinnamon (use the resulting tea), add some lime, honey and a dash of tequila.

It might seem a little strange at first but after a few minutes of slow sipping will make you feel like brand new and help you sleep.

Next day… you’ll feel like a million bucks.

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Airborne followed with a chaser of Emergen-C

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I’m from the old school of using Vicks Vaporub along with other cold meds. Put it on your forehead, across your nose & sinuses, & on your chest. Put a good layer on the bottom of your feet, put on warm socks & go to bed that way. Yes, it stinks, makes your eyes water & is greasy. That’s the point. Those vapor fumes will go up to your head & help you breathe better.

I hope you feel better soon. :-)

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@jbfletcherfan (My dad used to take a large wad & stick it in the roof of his mouth;) Yes, I love VICKS! It’s great if you get the inhaler stick, too…that way you can go about your daily biz without stinking in front of people.

We chug NyQuil, here, too. But I save these remedies for once I have the cold. Right now I’m fighting a sore throat with the “prevention” method described above^^^

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@SpatzieLover Yeow…..I’ve heard of people putting Vicks in their mouth & swallowing it, but boy, I’d sure never do it. That’s not what it’s meant for.

As far as your sore throat, get some of those Chloraseptic strips that you put on your tongue. They have benzocaine in them & boy, do they work.

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I use Emergen-C.

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Fresh ginger: slice thin and make a tea.

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