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Do you "Keep up with the Robinsons"?

Asked by willbrawn (6606points) March 20th, 2009

If so how are you guilty of it?

(i really hope thats the right last name)

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i dont have an iphone if that answers your question…

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Not really, but then again I am Mrs. Robinson, so maybe people are keeping up with me. :)

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Wait, I thought you kept up with the Joneses and slept with Mrs. Robinson?

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i thought that too, @bythebay

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I think you do keep up with the Joneses. As for sleeping with Mr.s Robinson, I should definitely be getting some a lot more often then.

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Either way… Here’s to you…

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@willbrawn: Do you mean living outside of your means to create a facade? Because if you want something, and you can afford it, that’s not really “keeping up”; is it?

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@bythebay Basically what i was going for was “do you have the have the newest best thing”

And i was wrong about the name. Joneses!

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To answer your question: No. I couldn’t care less about all this technology and fancy things. I never want an iphone or ipod or mp3. I’m young, and everyone I work with has an iPhone and I have a big Nextell phone lol. I would prefer a better texting phone, I used to always have a great texting phone..but we got Nextel we’re idiots so they only have those heavy duty phones.
I know nothing about technology, nor do I care to educate myself. I don’t listen to much music, or watch a lot of tv…we rent a lot of movies from blockbuster, that’s about it. Things changed for us when we had a child, we just don’t have time for tv, and no money for dvr.

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I’m not a gadget girl, but I did succumb to a texting phone for ease in communication with my kids. My husband on the other hand…new Blackberry every time I turn around, and new TV’s just have a way of showing up at our door.

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I don’t know the Robinsons

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@imhellokitty: Then you probably won’t be sleeping with the Mrs.

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I keep up with the Baskin Robinsens!

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I’ll get gadgets because I like gadgets. I don’t “keep up” with anyone, though I used to when I was younger w/r/t clothes.

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Lets see, seeing as I have an almost 4 year old mac and a 3 year old verizon standard flip phone, an even older ipod mini (which they don’t make anymore) I don’t think I keep up gadget wise rather research very very hard and then make investments to last longer because when your going to drop that kind of money you need them to last a while and do the job that their going to do at least I want them to. To me it is a difference between a want and a need. You don’t get them to impress anyone but yourself

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I am the complete opposite of keeping up with anybody.

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I used to be all about keeping up with the Joneses or the Robinsons (whichever you prefer), but my life has changed immensely in the past three years and I just don’t have the time, energy, or money to put into that anymore.

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I was thinking you meant these Robinsons :

so I was wondering if you meant I had a robot. If so, the answer is no.

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Who are the Robinson’s? The only ones I know are a Disney creation (Swiss Family Robinson).

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I gave up trying to keep up with anyone years ago. There was a time when others had to try and keep up with me, but now I’m just plain lucky if I wake up and see the ceiling, ha ha!!

I just got a new cell yesterday and I am still trying to figure out how to use all the handy dandy new gadgets on it. If I ever got an Iphone, the battery would probably be completely worn down before I mastered it!

I love all the cool new stuff out there,but dragonfly lives to far away to show me how to use the newer stuff, so I have to keep it simple these days. Damn! It’s hell admitting I am entering old ladydom!!

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I keep up with the Clampetts.

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