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How can I secure a ribbon to the back of a small (5" x 7") photo frame, that has velvet backing?

Asked by jca (36043points) March 20th, 2009

I want to secure it strong enough so i can hang it on the wall. The issue is the frame does not have anything on the back that would hang it on a nail, so i want to attach a decorative ribbon with maybe a bow at the top, and hang that over a nail. so it has to be secure enough that it won’t come off the velvet-covered back.

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How about very tiny eyelet screws on the top edge of the frame?

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i should have added that the frame itself is metal. the backing is probably cardboard underneath the velvet.

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If the frame itself is wood, you can use a staple gun. Other wise hot glue or fabric glue is great! You can always stitch it to the velvet. Just put an extra piece of ribbon on the back of the velvet where you are sewing. The way you have 3 layers. It will help the velvet from getting a snag.

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@jca you should be able to hot glue the ribbon to the metal of the frame.

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@jca If you are a guy, you could always use duct tape! Sorry guys. My brother thinks duct tape will fix anything!

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My suggestion was already said above, hot glue! You can use it on many many things

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Yep. Hot glue. :)

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