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Is something going on with Fluther right now (2:30pm CST) ?

Asked by SpatzieLover (24554points) March 20th, 2009

Or, is it something on my end?
I was “kicked out” twice now, and couldn’t get Fluther back…

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They’ve been having issues all day.

(Yes, I count twice as “all day”.)

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i haven’t had any issues so far… been on here all day.. keep the site open at work

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I’d like to share this nugget of goodness with you all. Andrew has quite the sense of humor.

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snickers @Allie, that’s hilarious.

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Thanks Allie and all. I kept wondering if I should reboot, or what?!

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Then there was this email exchange between me, Ben and Andrew:

me: So, there are page load errors on Fluther. First, the main page loaded, but the Qs didn’t. Now, the whole site is down, FYI. The time is now 7:38 AM.

Ben: Thanks… Site is back up now. Our load balancer needed to be restarted.

me: Awesome. What’s a load balancer?

Andrew: It’s a scale that japanese toilets have built-in to the bowl.

me: So, who broke the scale, Andrew or Ben?

and finally, after Fluther went down again.

me: FYI, the load balancer seems out of wack again (fluther not loading). You guys really need to cut back on the fiber.

Still waiting for a reply.

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hahaha. i’m not laughing at the fluther issues, just the conversations that ensue.

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Hahaha, I love that you took a pic of that, Allie.

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Hmmm fluther works here!!!

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I was having a weird problem on a shared school computer the other day where firefox was telling me that my fluther password was wrong and wouldn’t let me log in, but Safari was perfectly happy to log me in. Strange it was, I tell you, strange!

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@asmonet Screenshots are our specialty in Campfire. Ask any regular.

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@asmonet, Oh yes, screen shots are all the rage. Come by to see some fun ones of @Allie.

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Will do, if I still had the link. :’( Someone PM me!!

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