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What are classic strike slogans or songs?

Asked by mollykm (121points) November 5th, 2007

That will relate and or work for the current writers strike in LA.

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Union Maid is probably THE classic, although maybe not super-relevant to a writers strike. But it’s very evocative.

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Any time working people band together to advance their cause, whether script writers, steel workers, maintenance crews, auto workers or teachers, it’s the same thing.

Solidarity Forever.
We Shall Not Be Moved.
Talking Union.
Joe Hill.
The Internationale.

Sniff. Makes me miss the good old days.

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How ‘bout “Take this job and shove it!” by Johnny Paycheck. Just kidding!

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“Hell no, we won’t continue writing your tripe until you promise us a larger share of DVD and digital royalties!”

I think I heard that one on the History Channel regarding the steelworker’s union back in the 20’s.

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“we’ll write stories if you write checks”?

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Here are some common ones I’ve come across:

“Hey hey, ho ho, ___ has got to go!”
“what do we want? fair treatment! When do we want it? Now!”
“No Justice, no peace! No justice, no peace!”

Another tip, if you’re walking a picket line…it can get really exhausting to chant for hours, and people will lose their voices. Try buying whistles. People can blow the whistles while they walk the line, so they’re still making lots of noise, but not getting a sore throat. Drums or buckets to bang on do the same thing, and make it festive rather than dreary.

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give peace a chance
john lennon

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I have an album by Aunt Molly Jackson, a midwife, folf singer and union activist in Kentucky during the strikes and troubles associated with the establishment of miner’s unions in the 30’s. Some of her relevant songs are: ‘Join the C.I.O’, ‘Hard Times in Coleman’s Mines’, ‘Fare Thee Well Old Ely Branch’, and ‘I Love Coal miners, Yes I Do’.

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