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Why doesn't Barrack Obama release his birth certificate?

Asked by laxrrockr18 (276points) March 20th, 2009

It is bothering me

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why should he? for what reason should he release his birth certificate ?
and why should it bother you ?

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It has been released. It was done long ago. There is no issue. He was born in the United States of America. He is an American citizen.

From the LA Times:

Here it is.

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it is for you to see.

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As others have said, he already has. The man is an American already!

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@sandystrachan Yes. If it is small, click on it and you can read it enlarged.

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the only way i said that was because there are some forged documents going about by haters.and i am not sure of original and fake

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radda radda secret illegal Muslims be running my country radda radda radda…

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Who cares? Why do you want to see it?

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Can someone tell me why the birth certificate is so interesting? The habits in the politics of America are very consusing to me.

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This is a great example of how a political group can parrot something over and over, and by coupling it with massive amounts of misinformation, can make people believe that it is reality. Wired had a good article about how global warming and evolution have been completely trampled by religious and political groups. These things are empirically testable. You can’t disprove them by just denying them.

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@rancid: a group of wingnuts have been trying to raise doubts about Obama’s status as a natural-born American citizen. He responded by posting a copy of his Hawaiian “copy of a record of live birth,” showing that he was born in an American territory to an American mother, which is sufficient to make him an American citizen.

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What planet are you from? This Question has been asked and answered hundreds of time in various forums by disgruntled Republicans! Obama’s U. S. birth certificate is legitimate and HAS been released!

Get over it—your candidate LOST.

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I really doubt anyone could become president without showing his documentation, let alone campaign for the position. Why would he risk losing all the money he put into campaigning if something so simple could put him out of the running?

I can’t believe anyone is even asking about this! With all the dirt digging and mud slinging that goes on during a campaign, don’t you think the opposing candidate would have exposed that very early on if it were true? Sheesh!!

What a ridiculous question.

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I think they should post it on billboards so people can learn the correct spelling of his name already.

Btw, that was targeted at the poster. And my brother-in-law.

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Wow, people are stil going on about this?

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@MrMeltedCrayon : Why, are you above this discussion or something? What’s it to ya? Not everyone answers at the same time. Some answered a while ago. I answer now. Depends on when you get on fluther, I would suppose.

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Obama is a U.S. citizen. Thank goodness for this nation and the world.

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@ubersiren i think he more meant that this issue has been beaten to death months ago.

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@ubersiren – I think Mr Melted Crayon was asking if people were still going on about something that came up over a year ago.

But it is easy rumor mill grist, so I imagine it will come back up again.

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@ubersiren: It’s all good. Misunderstandings happen.

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Awww… Fluther lovin at it’s finest!!

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Want a copy of mine instead?
What difference will seeing his birth certificate make to the scheme of things?
Get bothered about something else, try bringing some soldiers home from Afghanistan or Iraq, let those guys sort their own stuff out…

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@rancid and others not familiar with our Constitution, a person most be born an American citizen in order to run for president, that is s/he must be born on American soil or have an American citizen as a parent. President Obama is covered on both counts. He was born in an Hawaiian hospital and his birth certificate was recorded in the records at that time. Also his mother is an American citizen which makes him a citizen even if he was born on the moon. (A fact that the conspiracy nuts conveniently overlook)

laxrrocker: you need to get some new information sources. This was stupid when Fox and Friends stories were debunked a year ago and the guys who are bringing it up again are really beating a year old very dead horse. These are the same kind of people who claim Elvis sightings in convenience stores in Alabama.

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He has. This is a stupid non-issue being perpetuated by stupid people.

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If it is no big deal, Why do some people get so upset when the subject is brought up? Full discloser when it was FIRST brought up would have settled it THEN and not appeard that something was not quite right.

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People get annoyed by the gullibility of other people because something as straightforward as a birth certificate is not news and shouldn’t have been trumped up.

The facts have been easy to find for a long time and yet a month ago people were still believing nonsense about how he hadn’t released it and falling for partisan attacks on its authenticity.

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