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I got a 70%, not bad I guess. :)

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Apparently not. However, I know I am not as smart as my two nephews who got full-ride academic scholarships. They are both Asian.

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I have 50% of the intelligence of an Asian kid. I suck, apparently. I remember 5th grade material being easier when I was a kid as opposed to some of the present day material covered in that test.

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i got 30%
but then i knew i would suck

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I got 60%. I remember 5th grade being easier than that myself. but that was 27 years ago for me

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I wonder if one’s percentage is inversely proportional to how long one as been away from school?

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There were alot of math/science questions on there and I was a math teacher, so I imagine that helped me a bit.

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Hahaha… no way! I got 40%. What a sad state of affairs…

@PnL : Daaaayuuuumm!

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I am most assuredly more intelligent that an infant goat of any nationality.

i got a 70%...i didn’t check my math answer :(

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I am annoyed by the one I missed. It was the metallic bond one. I know what a metallic bond is. I was confused by the wording in the answer.

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I got an 80% i gotta say though even though it was “made by an Asian” that test was very blatantly racist towards Asians…

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No, I’m not. Let’s just leave it at that, ha ha!!

I agree with uberbatman. The questions may not be racist, but the pictures sure are stereotypically racial.

I hope I make @ubersiren feel better because I got the same score.

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@uberbatman – How was it blatantly racist towards Asians? Personally, I thought is was biased in favor of chemists, mathematicians, and Americans.

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70%. Some of those were HARD, while some where very easy.

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I got a 70% by the way.

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@Darwin the cartoons…..

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70% because I haven’t studied math like that in ages.

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@uberbatman – I thought those were just reminding us, in case we forgot, what an Asian is.

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70% (but I probably would have gotten a 20% or so when I was actually in 5th grade).

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80%. the math ones got me.

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I got 100% as well. Come on, people. This is shit you should just know.

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80%. The ones I got wrong were the metallic bond one and the monotremes one.

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100%. But 5th grade wasn’t that far off for me.

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@girlsofscience…no link?

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much better…we musn’t forget the little things

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@Blondesjon did you think she was lying? although, i could have posted the same link, saying i got 100%. tsk tsk GoS. lol

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lol, yeah, that’s why I didn’t post it initially.

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<shrugs> i’m a cynical dick

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I missed the monotreme and the noble gas questions; so, 80%. My chemistry teacher would cry. Although he would not be terribly surprised.

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I gave up after I read question #2, so probably not…

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90%. I got the sine question wrong.

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I got 60%, the math and chemistry questions screwed me up, as I sucked at math and never took chemistry in school. So I am equal to a mildly retarded Asian fifth grader, I guess. :-)

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@girlofscience- ease up there Trebek..
I got a 60 and it was in perfectly answering the questions that had any bearing on my world. The idea of science and math as the sole basis for intelligence is an outdated concept. Howard Gardner’s basis of seven distinct areas of intelligence is more complete. And that’s why Bill Gate’s as brilliant a mathematical mind as he is can not design anything that has has any aesthetic appeal.
And the Japanese come to us when they want to real ideas…like remodeling their educational systems. At last look we rule the world
True Intelligence according to the latest educational praxis.

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I don’t know how to make a link appear as anything other than the URL so i’ll just paste that (if someone were to tell me how to do it though i would be enormously grateful).

I got 100% but i don’t think this is a very valid test considering the different standards used in evaluation depending on region as well as the difference in the ammount of information available (as well as the advances in teaching) since some of us went to grade school.

either way it was kinda fun.

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@Dr_C – I explained it in detail here

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@PnL Thank you so much… This one’s for you

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hate to use you as an object lesson but like you say you recognize some area that you’re not proficient and it doesn’t make you any less intelligent….
It’s like my mechanic. He can take a car apart and have it in thousands of different pieces and reassemble it again practically in the dark. Who can say that’s not a quantifiable and valuable intelligence? I score above average on I.Q. tests but I can’t do that.

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@SeventhSense my mechanic is like that too. In fact, he can do it with three different cars at the same time, it seems, and yet, he’s one of those people who actually get their hands dirty while making a living, and a lot of people look down on people that, which is stupid. If it wasn’t for the working men and women out there, the car dealers would be tons more richer.

hard work is a talent that doesn’t get the respect it deserves by a lot of people who couldn’t do any of it because they don’t want to get their hands dirty.

Can you tell I come from blue collar roots?

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No problem with that.
I like to think of my collar as bleached blue. :)

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sigh I got 80% and I am Asian. Darn I just misunderstood question nine. I just didn’t understand how they were describing a metallic bond. I know what that is really I do!

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@cooksalot – Exactly my problem!!!

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wow it shows how stupid amercians are these days im a 9th grader freshman and i got a 40 %... wow… really 30% tho 1 was a guess


Of course, because I’m an Asian adult man! (I got 100 percent!). Now I’d love to ask a 5th grade Asian kid a real question, that tests your wisdom, not your book learning skills! Heh-heh!

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