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How do you know when a boy isn't a virgin anymore?

Asked by ShortStuff (65points) March 20th, 2009

I know girls get their cherry poped, but what happens to boys?How would you know?

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You would not unless he told you.

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But if he did how can you tell if he was lying or something?

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His nose gets bigger?

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his penis bleeds ?
take him to a doctor maybe they can do a test

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He tells you.

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would that really COME UP in the conversation girl to guy ” are you a virgin ”
why would it matter
does it matter if anyone is a virgin ? even girls !!!

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There is no way to tell if he is lying or not.

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he doesnt last 2 seconds
clutching at straws here to give answer

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He tests positive for an STD?

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you can be a virgin and have one of them tho cant you ?

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If you don’t feel like you would get an honest answer, you might want to invest your time in a different boy. Honesty is very important when it comes to sexual history. Not only for peice of mind, but for your health as well.

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Well to be somewhat blunt. He’s pretty clear on the angle of entry from any position,. That only comes from experience

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Uhhh there’s no way to tell if a boy or a girl is or isnt a virgin…..

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@Darwin ! <shakes head, snickering>

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@sandystrachan – Only if you are Bill Clinton and depending on how you define “is.”

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He gets that swagga in his step…

But really, there is no definite way to tell if someone of either gender is a virgin or not. Not all girls have a ‘cherry’ popped,and some girls break their hymen much before ever engaging in intercourse. Add into the mix that there are alternative ways to lose virginity (same sex relations, for example) that do not involve vaginal intercourse, and you’ve got a confusing mess on your hands. Asking for honesty is probably the best way to go about it.

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There is no way to know. At all. Ever. Period.

There is no physical sign. There is no physiological difference between a male virgin and a male non-virgin. The act of having sex for the first time causes no change to made to a male’s anatomy. Therefore, the only way to know would be to ask – but there is nothing you can do to force him to tell the truth.

For what it’s worth, there is no way to know for sure if a woman is a virgin or not, either. It is possible for the hymen to be broken (ie, the “cherry” to be “popped”) without intercourse. It is possible for pregnancy to occur without penile entry into the vagina. Again, no way to tell, either gender.

If there’s some question in your mind as to whether your partner is being honest with you, YOU ARE NOT READY to engage in sex with this person.

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the same way you can tell if a girl isn’t a virgin anymore.
either you ask them or you don’t know.

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If you ask a boy if he’s lost his virginity and he says yes, but you still disbelieve him, you could always ask him to take a polygraph test.

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He appears a bit more relaxed…seems to grin at nothing in particular…from time to time, a happy whistle…

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@Knotmyday I have an image of Opie Taylor, whistling, going fishing… ewww.

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he stops talking about sex constantly.

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his hymen is in his anus. you have to check it yourself, if you really want to know. lol

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@Bluefreedom – Actually, if he says yes and someone doesn’t believe him, then they should take him to bed and have sex with him. After that the unbeliever will know for sure that he isn’t one any longer.

Provided he is above the age of consent, of course.

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@Darwin. Good point. Who the hell likes a lie detector test anyway? Bumping uglies is much better.

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@Bluefreedom: Much Lurve for the use of the phrase “bumping uglies!”

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@TitsMcGhee. Thanks, my friend. =)

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Of course you have to take his word for it. Guys don’t lie.<;P

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@chyna- Not Opie!!! Nooooo…besides, Aunt Bea would find out anyway. Aunt Bea’s no fool.

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There is a visual test you can do, with his cooperation. PM for details


His feet get large and he starts wearing shiny shoes. (wink!) :D

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