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Has Glenn Beck lost his mind?

Asked by SuperMouse (30798points) March 20th, 2009

Take a look at this video and judge for yourself. He first loses it at around 3:14.

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This presumes he had one to lose, which I would have called questionable.

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@Marina an excellent point which I had not considered!

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And is he wearing tennis shoes with a suit??
Fashion faux paux and loosing his mind.

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That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. He’s actually quite entertaining in an absurd misinformed, ingenuine kind of way. For anyone in the heartland: Does anyone take this guy seriously? It’s all about ratings. Because as a New Yorker, I know that I find him bizarre. He’s obviously marketed to some simple minded conservatives.
And I apologize to both the real simple minded and conservatives! He’s got Chuck Norris as a support and that’s a guy who would have Texas secede from not only NY but the union!
That’s as funnny as the World or National Enquirer.

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Check his ratings. If they go up when he talks like that, I’d say that he isn’t losing anything.

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Haha, there are like 4 people in his audience. What a fucking pud. I mean seriously, what is it he’s so afraid of? Scaaaaaary liberals? He should have a talk with the pot zombie guy in Cali.

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And the sad thing is, people buy into that shit.

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a long long time ago….

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I love the guy commenting on this clip.

Beck’s is truly is some of the worst acting I’ve ever seen.

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Crying as a response to 9/11 seems perfectly normal to me.

It’s a little overwrought but hes just speaking common sense.

Crying (and fake crying) has been an in joke on Becks show for years.

Liberals, they’re always so serious.

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@Noel_S_Leitmotiv so his emoting is a joke that only Glen Beck fans are in on? How interesting.

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I would guess that the more outrageous Fox gets the more viewers they get. News in this country is a joke regardless of the station. You have to leave the country to find an actual News program.

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Nancy Grace is the only real news on TV now.~

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That bitch be trippin’

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@SeventhSense Isn’t she a New Yorker?

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Well actually so is every “news” person but O’Reilly, Beck and Rush are not my cup o’ joe either. Thank God Rush left..It’s the cult of personality in the news which has compromised serious journalism in this country. Americans just want to be entertained. Walter Cronkite and Peter Jennings are my idea of journalists. Not letter reading, opinion bloated, blood inspired, rating whores who have nothing but bias to bring to the table. One should not even be able to tell what a newscaster’s political leaning is in my opinion. They’re just there to provide information for us to form educated decisions and informed opinions based on objective facts.

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He had one to begin with?

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maybe he was crying because he knew his show was getting canceled

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Supermousebabe: One needs something first in order to lose it.

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