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What's the best way to get from London to York?

Asked by amwelles (26points) March 20th, 2009

I’m flying to London at the beginning of April (from the US), but my final destination is York. I’d like to go by train, but I’m not entirely sure which one to use or if I can get the tickets in advance or anything.

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Welcome to the collective. Take a look at the Fluther Gudielines. If you search London to York train on Google, there are many options.

I think you will find this informative: How to Travel by Train in Britain

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@Marinais it too soon in the thread to answer _PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE?

@amwelles…Great Question and welcome to Fluther.

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I thought that joke only works if the destination is a concert hall.

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By train from Kings Cross. It takes about 2 hours on weekday but longer on a weekend. The price will be about £85 if you buy the ticket in advance or about £125 if you buy the ticket on the day.

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I’m not exactly sure, but definitely go to York. It’s one of England’s great treasures.

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