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Is it bad to torrent directly to an external HD?

Asked by patg7590 (4608points) March 21st, 2009

I’m torrenting a number or large linux distros right onto a WD passport external drive-
Does this kill my HD?
or am I just paranoid?

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It’s no different than using an internal drive. You’re fine.

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You’re paranoid :)

There is no difference whatsoever.

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all my torrents went to external drive if you do not do this , a small gremlin comes out at night and watches/listens and plays all your files

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No, why should it? The only problem would be that you have to remember not to turn your external HD off or unplug it while the PC’s running…

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Well I just have heard that these portable WD Passports fail alot and i have it plugged in and sitting on the laptop itself and I plug it in, run my torrents overnight, shut down, unplug, take it to work, set it up, bring it home, set it up…
I know the drive is supposedly portable but I’m just paranoid about it failing.
I have a 750 GB Mybook also, I take it with me quite often- is that safe to do? Why am I so paranoid about hard drives failing?
All my drives are basically full-all the time. And I dont really have money for any more.
boo hoo

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No problem. Just make sure it’s always connected when you download.

And hard drives rarely fail when used. It’s the connecting/disconnecting that kills them.

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You may be worried because external HDs fail (at least in my experience) a lot. ! Maybe I just have bad ext HD mojo!

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