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Excel and Word Run Slow all of a sudden?

Asked by srmorgan (6768points) November 6th, 2007

I just installed Office 2003 on my company laptop. I am noticing that both applications, but especially Excel, are taking a very long time to open and to save. Is this characteristic of this version of Office. I am using a relatively new Dell Laptop with no virus or malware issues

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Do you have any office addon’s(Adobe or Avery labels) or customizations? Especially macro’s or vb scripting?

I just completed a rollout of 400 office 2003 standard installations. They were all upgrades from Office XP. About 5% had trouble and slowness. Almost all of those involved addon’s or specific customizations that didn’t translate well to the upgrade or just needed to be re-installed. The other 95% are running very well and the users report Office 2003 is running much faster than Office XP.

It could also be many other things not related to Office at all. Fragmentation, memory usage, etc.

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Would Google Desktop being installed affect the loading and saving of Excel?

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I honestly can’t say as I don’t use Google Desktop. I wouldn’t think so though. I would think that GD would have affected Office XP too if it was going to be a problem.

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i think the problem here is that dell computers are generally terrible.
so are company computers (usually)

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Off original topic.
itsnotmyfault: I disagree. I manage over 400 Dell workstations, 50 Dell servers and 26TB of Dell storage in the company I work for. Having replaced every piece of IBM and Compaq equipment with Dell I can personally vouch for the fact that it is fantastic stuff. We push $1 billion plus per year in revenues through those machines and I find them rock solid as they come. In my opinion Dell makes one of the easiest to manage, most stable and consistent workforce machines on the market in their optiplex line. Their servers and partnership with EMC for storage also make them a force to be reckoned with.

As for company computers being terrible in general, that responsibility lies squarely on the shoulders of the administrators who manage them.

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When i encounter a Dell, it’s a mass produced, bare minimum computer.
Most people buy Dells exactly for that reason. For evidence, see a “DUDE, YOU’RE GETTING A DELL” commercial.
The Dells I come in contact with are bought mostly by the college bound as basically a typewriter that can access the internet.

My school used Dell computers, and whenever we used them, everyone in the library would just hang out for five minutes waiting for the system boot up. Even my old Sony, using Windows 95 was faster… (though i’ve noticed that Mac’s are pretty darn quick… even the 20 year old ones…)
(last summer they got a whole new shipment of dells, they run fine now…)

So, with the exception of BRAND NEW dells, my experieces have shown me that Dells are slow, anorexic pieces of crap.
Mostly because Dells are marketed on their affordability.

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I have installed google desktop and now I have to wait in excel when I open and save files!
My friend have the same problem and she use google desktop too !
I will try to uninstall it perhaps it will come back to normal, else what’s your solution ?

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