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what is it called when one labor union strikes in solidarity with another in another place? does it have a name?

Asked by nomtastic (979points) November 26th, 2006
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It could be a sympathy strike
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I think that a sympathy strick is the closest to what you are looking for
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sympathy or solidarity strike--I've heard both used
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sympathy strike if it's with the same employer and solidarity strike if not?
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Secondary Picketing. (That’s the British name anyway).

Famously, Margaret Thatcher made it illegal.

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Sympathy Strike.

Some courts have held that a sympathy strike or walkout is not in violation of a no strike clause in an employment contract. Honoring a picket line is the most common form of sympathy strike. Workers who honor legal primary pickets at their place of employment may be replaced but not disciplined. A worker who honors a primary, economic picket may be permanently replaced.

There is considerable case law on the topic.

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