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Which Guitar Hero do you prefer?

Asked by bobisho (178points) March 21st, 2009

It could be based on music, graphics, characters (I understand they vary from consoles), extras, and anything really.

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I prefer Rock Band 2. Does that count?

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I like them all, honestly. I’m not a big fan of Rock Band, simply because the guitar is too easy on those games.

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Rock Band 2, but I have not played Guitar Hero World Tour.

GH1 was groundbreaking but incredibly clunky to play now. (The hammer-ons/pull-offs are a lot harder).

GH2 was all-around excellent.

GH80’s was what it was, a good add-on game not worth the price of a full one. Some of the songs on it are awesome.

GH3 probably had the best song list of the original series, but I hated the (mandatory!) battles and didn’t like the way the timing changed. And I never could beat the Slayer song. And the game felt a little rough around the edges in general compared to its predecessors.

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Me like retangles better than roundy things.

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Although the finger pad would occasionally fall out as you were playing, Guitar Hero: On Tour for DS was very unique, and offered the coolest form of strumming.

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Song wise, i think GH3 stole my vote, i mean it took me a long time to beat and it was a challenge

Fun-wise and for friends- Rock Band 1&2, its so much fun to get together and make a band

I really don’t think Guitar Hero did a good job with the whole band thing really, it looks like crap and I miss a game that was really hard on Guitar

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i have to say that I played Guitar Hero 2 the most but I liked Guitar Hero 3 song list better.

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Been playing Metallica lately and GH has gone back to being hard.

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@Blondesjon I played the demo on drums and it rocked my socks off. I like having a challenge like that.

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Did you try the expert plus mode with the double baseline? It looks crazy.

I only play guitar and bass but my youngest son is insane on the drums.

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I dunno if that is on the demo or not. I will have to go back and look.

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