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Do you have any fun/interesting/unique/crazy sex tips?

Asked by essieness (7693points) March 21st, 2009

So… I haven’t seen my man in over a month. Humor me.

What’s your favorite position? Any interesting rituals before getting down and dirty?

Maybe “tips” isn’t the right word… but go with it.

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I once saw a Japanese porn clip where the chick was lying down on a very low bed/futon thing. The guy was on top, as in the 69 position. He did push ups and every time he went up he clapped and she yelled YEEHAW! in Engrish.

It was amazing.

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You should try that.

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Oh, Japan. Never change.

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NSFW: They are really interesting, in a way. It’s just how they roll.

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I’m gay… so my advise here probably woulddnt help you too much. :)

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The Flying Camel – A personal favorite. As you are lying on your back and he is hammering you from his knees, have him carefully balance himself without using his arms to prop himself up. He then will proceed to flap his arms and let out a long, shrieking howl, much like a coyote. Strictly a class move.

Rear Admiral – An absolute blast. When he is getting you from
behind (while both of you are standing), make sure you don’t grab on to
anything when you’re is bent over. Then, he’ll drive his hips into your backside
so that he ends up pushing you forward. The goal is to push you into a wall or table. He becomes an Admiral when he can push you around the room without crashing into anything and not using his hands to grab onto your hips.

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The turkish casserole…... use your imagination :)

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I have a very interesting powerpoint presentation for you (use it in sex-ed classes for adults).. the only problem is it’s in spanish.. but the images speak for themselves.
PM me to find out more

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Hablo espanol, puedo tenerlo?

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Yo tambien. ¿Por favorcito?

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estas hablando castellano?

solo se espanol mexicano

realmente spanglish jaja.

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Todas aquellas personas que quieran ver la presentacion de powerpoint haganme llegar un PM y diganme a donde enviarselas :)

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No Hablo espanol
ritual? usually me tapping and kicking my husband, trying to wake him up..because i only ever want it at 3 in the morning, when he’s already asleep. lol
only one position makes me orgasm, but i like pretty much every position. :-o i sound so boring haha.

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Well, i’ve been with my girl for almost 3 years and we always want to spice things up by doing it all over..

Let’s see, we have done it in the lavatory in the airplane! Mile high club baby! :)

We also have done it in the back of the truck in the mountain in Palomar mountain which is 6000 feet above sea level.

Also, done it in the shower, have an ice bucket close, while doing her from behind, suck on ice cubes and kiss the back going to her neck.

Hahaha, i feel like a total horn dog telling my sexcapades. LOL

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Just one. Every once in a while I like to shake things up and use my other hand. I feel a little guilty afterwards but find it’s still worth it.

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I just came in after having exceeded my quota in superbly mixed adult beverages and now I’m somewhat inebriated.

Coming from a woman (lesbian), bringing another woman into the mix is always fun. While you’re doing the dirty with your man, having a woman along side of you, kissing you at the same time is awesome and rather intimate. And after he’s done, he leaves (haha) and the two women are left together and have fabulous oral sex, scissoring and all of that other good stuff. Fun fun.. (:

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You know I just read my answer above and unless you know that I was saying it to her then you probably would think I’m a chick or gay lol.

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Depends on if crocodile clamps, 12V batteries and oiled latex sheets are down your alley ^^

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I came here looking for tips even though I have none of my own to offer. There are a lot of great suggestions in this thread and I’m going to try every one of them that all of you have described. If you don’t hear from me in a week, it probably means I broke my johnson and I injured my partner too somehow. I will return.

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I thinn if you really want to please him, buy sex toys and use them on him. You’d be surprised at how horny it makes men when you play around with their anus!

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Scream! Be loud! Sometimes the more sound you make the more interesting things get…

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@James17555… dude… ew

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Damn, I don’t speak Spanish…

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Me neither. :(

Since you are alone for a while, perhaps some… self-exploration is in order. A lot of it.

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it’s ok if you don’t speak spanish… like i said… the images are self-explanatory

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I have some dice with body parts and verbs on them…lick, caress, suck, etc. They happen to be in Spanish (hey, it’s good practice!). It’s called Juego Erótico. I’ve seen them in English, too, but I like the challenge.

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Get drunk and you will be supprised what you can do in the back seat of a hatchback car,this may sound a bit weird my wife and I like to watch a bit of soft porn,playing and a open mind should work, boby paint is nice too.

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Teasing is the name of the game. I like to make my partners play “No-Touch”. Fairly simple game. I do what I want to arouse them but they can’t touch me and I won’t touch them until I allow it. If they get touchy too early I tie their hands.

A recent example: I had “Janie” lie on the bed in what ever state of dress she desired. I came in dressed in a business suit. As she watched I slowly disrobed down to a sexy little pair of undies and matching bra. Then I

Ummm…I know that there are kids here so if you want to know more please PM me. I know that is totally un-Sue-like of me but I am more keenly aware of kids presence these days.

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Mine involves two Chinese midgets, an egg and a Larry King mask.

Did I mention I have big feet?

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On a serious note, I have one that never fails. Follow these instructions:

You put your left foot in,

You put your left foot out,

You put your left foot in,

Then you shake it all about [what you shake is your choice]

You do the hokey pokey [because by now he’s ready],

Then you turn yourself around.

(I’m not sure but I think I need a cold shower!)

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There are surprising ways in which one can use a feather. As @Sueanne_Tremendous, said, teasing is where it’s at. Lay your man back, and tell him that if he moves, he can have no relief. Then applying yourself to his, perhaps at the moment, shrivelled penis, with breath, and feather alone, and with looks and displays of strategic body parts, see if you can make him cum before he can’t stand it anymore and grabs you. Oh my, I do believe I need to take a break and cool myself off. Feather anyone?

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I volunteer!!! :)

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So… thanks to all your answers, my boyfriend will be a happy man next time I see him! ;)

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Tell him to start lifting weights now, those push ups didn’t look easy.

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Dirty talk never ever fails to drive us both crazy. In fact, we just did it. She is 600 miles away and driving and we went on for about 30 minutes. Then she said she had to stop and dry it off before she saw her daughter for her birthday lunch. I’m still feeling great. Must be why I’m answering sex questions on Fluther….:)

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