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Best Airsoft guns under $50?

Asked by fortris (683points) March 21st, 2009

I’m thinking about getting this one at Wal-mart. Online it costs $53 but in store, it costs the same, but it comes with a pistol and gel target. Is this a good deal? Anyone have any better ones without going over $50?

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Get a gatling gun, or a sniper rifle.

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preferably both, but airsoft is still pretty cool.

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Ever thought about green gas airsoft guns?

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“green gas” is simply a stronger version of the silicon gas that all gas “blowback” airsoft pistols use. There are 3 major types of airsoft. (Battery I don’t include, I regard these as child’s toys)

Batteries(as in AA or AAA) operate an electric motor which propels the BBs. Usually automatic, these pistols are NOT 1:1 replicas, but are child’s toys with funny plastic colors. Look like water pistols.

The simplest of the 1:1 replicas of actual real gun models. Uses a large spring that you cock once per shot by “racking” the pistol. Cheapest of all types, also these (usually pistols) are ok to fire BB’s that have been fired before. As in, you can pick up the plastic BB’s and reuse them. Good way to get your money’s worth from BBs. Shotguns also come in this category, the better shotguns you load the BBs into what look like shotgun shells, and then load the shells into the shotgun. These shotguns will fire 3 BBs at once. Good, expensive sniper rifles are also in this category. Bolt action style. If they aren’t at least $150+ then it’s not a good sniper rifle.

This is where it gets good. The clip stores the BBs, as well as the silicon gas that propels the BBs. With each shot, the slide of a pistol or the bolt of a rifle is pushed back while the BB is ejected, emulating the effect of firing a live round. This “blowback” effect not only gives the feel of recoil, but loads another shot so that you can have semi-auto and auto weapons. A good blowback will also break down(come apart) exactly like its real world counterpart. The guns start around 100–120. This includes a clip.

AEG (Automatic Electric Rifle)
This is the top-line. AEG’s are used in competitions, and are modeled after assault rifles, mini-guns, and sniper rifles. The electric motor and battery pack in these is superior and powerful. They range from the cheaper ($100 models) to the top line ($300). With the lower cheap models looking correct at a distance but not being perfect replicas, the more expensive models are very perfect in their nature and can easily be mistaken for the real deal.

@fortris I looked at the link, it looks like its a real deal springer, but it also doesn’t look like it’s 1:1 replica in size. I think it’s that weird fake size thing. Especially because it has the clear plastic barrel. Also because it doesn’t seem to be modeled after a real gun either. It looks like a good bang for the buck, but effectively it’s the same thing as a $17 springer pistol also available from walmart. It’s just bigger, bigger clip, and has a grip slide like a shotgun.

I like this one which has the scope and light and laser that comes with it. It’s also cheaper at $21. Single shot, so it’s a little lower on the totem pole, but it’s sturdy. Modeled after the M47 Shotgun tactical version. (that’s a real shotgun, right? hmmm…I’ve only seen it in video games…)

This is a high quality springer shotgun. Using shotgun shells for cartridges that hold 30 BBs allowing for 10 shots of 3 BB bursts, it’s much better. It’s on sale for $60, usually goes over $100. Very sturdy, but very simple. It doesn’t have an accessory rail like my previous suggestion, so what you see it what you get. You can order extra shells (cartridges) I think the best part about this gun is loading a fresh shell into it! With a more thorough search, you might be able to find a site that offers this quality of shotgun with an accessory rail so you can attach a scope or whatever else you want for it. This is modeled after the Benelli M3. It’s the cheaper version of the hardcore version, made by Tokyo Mauri(one of the most reputable airsoft names and also most expensive):

On the upside, you can get the cheap one, then when you upgrade to a better one keep the old accessories and they will attach to the rails on the new gun! Yay! That’s whats good about the 1:1 replicas, the accessory rails are universal, like real guns! Be careful when looking before you buy. The price tag is very often the best gauge as to the quality level. Lots of cheap knock-offs that break quickly and don’t perform very well. Look up reviews or youtube videos on the exact model you are looking at. Someone out there is happy or upset with it! Happy hunting!

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@z28proximo Dude. Its airsoft, not a religion. Props for the detailed answer though!

Also, I got it, and its a damn fine spring rifle for the money. Not modeled after anything (also I covered the barrel in electrical tape so now its more badass looking) but it gets the job done. PS, I know its bad to do, but in a pinch I can double or triple cock it for double or triple shotgun action.

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You could also check out the Scopes and other gun accessories at I’m sure you’ll find something at a good bargain.

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