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Does anybody else think nick (the television station) should put all the old 90's shows on a new channel?

Asked by deedster2011 (53points) March 21st, 2009

i loved those shows

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They had Nick GAS, which was all of the old 90’s Nick game shows that I used to love, but they stupidly took it off the air on 1/1/08. I remember the day because I cried myself to sleep that night.

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if they brought back Are You Afraid of the Dark, I’d literally pee myself.

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when were old they will be on nick at night

they want us to forget how awesome the 90’s
were so that when we do see those shows when
were like 50, they will be that much better.

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I just want Aaahh!!! Real Monsters back…

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Invader Zim too… But that wasn’t the 90’s so it’s irrelevant.

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Get Zim on DVD! That’s what I did. :D

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i’m not just talking about toons shows like clarissa expains it all and the original all that

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Definately…bring back Sister, Sister!

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