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Why is being single not a happy ending in movies?

Asked by alive (2933points) March 22nd, 2009

I assume there are some “happy ending” movies that don’t end with a couple, but if there are I can’t think of any (or I haven’t seen them).

Also, why do all (or a majority) of movies have a love story as plot or sub-plot? Everything from action movies to comedies to horror movies show some kind of love interest. Why is that? Why don’t single people get a happy ending in Hollywood?

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I was just talking about a similar subject tonight with a friend. We saw I Love You Man last night and realized that there always has to be that “single girl” in the movie. She’s usually kind of dorky, provides some comic relief, and no one really wants to date her. And usually she ends up alone in the end or with an equally “dorky” guy. And she’s always the “sidekick” or a minor role.

Interesting topic. We’ll have to see if we can find any singles with happy-endings…

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I don’t think you have to look any further than the silly stories of childhood. “And they lived happily ever after” ends almost every fairy tale. Finding your “one true love” is often the goal in these stories.

The single characters are relegated to being comedy relief, sidekicks or the misserable bad guy/gal.

So films are simply following the same themes. Most of these movies are meant to be escapist entertainment (even the well made ones). Audiences want their “Happily Ever After”.

It takes a sophisticated viewer to enjoys a movie as complex and messy as real life. And even they want to happy ending now and then.

What doesn’t help is the deluge of media dedicated to finding your man/woman. From magazines, to daytime TV, to dating websites – they’re on a crusade to wipe out the disease that is singledom.

It’s unfortunate, as it makes many people insecure about being single.

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It all boils down to marketing again. Love and romance sell.

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My friends and I have often examined Sex and the City in terms of what @cprevite is talking about. The show comes off as somewhat feminist and “I am woman hear me roar.” For the most part, the characters are independent, working women, who enjoy having sex with men. But, isn’t the plot behind it all to find “him,” whomever he may be. And whereas Charlotte may be the only one who voices it so loudly, you know they are secretly seeking “the one.” (except for maybe Samantha, who is the outcast in sense).
And isn’t the grand finale a feature film starring Carrie and Big’s wedding?
But, then again, they also discuss the same exact subject you are pondering on the show itself. Why is ending up single so bad after all?
Any of you who haven’t seen the show, I suppose, will be pretty lost…

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What about “Butterfly Effect”?

***warning = MOVIE SPOILER!! ****
Also a romantic story involved heavily in the plot line, but it ends with them being single.
***SPOILER over…yay***

Luke in Star Wars(albeit there is plenty of romance in there…), Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Aliens VS Predator, Resident Evil, I am Legend

I am beginning to see the trend of no human life remaining to sustain a romantic story is the only reason it isn’t in some of those. Hmmm…I think I’m going to throw in the towel and say that almost 100% of my favorite stories involve romance in some way. I mean, “Love” is a great motivator. And plots need motivation.

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i guess it z because in art we always try to make things so beautiful.,because deep inside us we kbow that z not the case in the real life.
there are tow movies that i think it ends up with being singel ..Annie Hall and love&death.but still the diroctor succeeded to let the spectator accept it as it is and not feel sad about it…..also gone with the winds it ends up with singel ending but people still wondring why ..and it is also make them feel that the story lacking the real end i think we always satisfy our need (to the true love) by couple happy ending .

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Its just the way they make movies these days.

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