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If it ever became necessary to do so and you had to pay a small monthly or annual fee to be a member of Fluther, would you do it?

Asked by Bluefreedom (22926points) March 22nd, 2009

I can’t think of any reason why this would ever have to occur but speaking for myself, I would definitely pay the fee to be a member here because I happen to think that Fluther is a truly excellent website, very well maintained and moderated, and it would certainly be worth it, in my opinion.

This question is inspired by one asked on another website if members there would ever pay a fee to be members and the answers from everyone was a resounding NO. Some people here used to be there and they probably know what I’m referring to.

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Probably not. It is an excellent site, but I don’t think I would pay to be a member.

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If it were a small-ish one time fee like MetaFilter, I’d consider it, but given my current situation, I wouldn’t pay an annual or monthly fee.

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With the economy the way it is right now? Don’t even THINK about it.

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Depends on how big the fee was and what it meant. Like—if you could still do most stuff for free, but some stuff was “premium”, I’d probably be willing to kick in a small fee—like two or three bucks a month. I think the key is to keep it quite low and make there still be free content.

That’s, um, how the geocaching website works. And it works well for them. The thing about that is the premium stuff is really kind of small perks. It’s mostly that you’ve made the choice to support the site. Which is what I like about it.

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I would certainly do all I could to find the money in my budget. Maybe if it does happen we could set up a slush fund to help cover those who might not have the disposable income but really what to stay on Fluther!

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If it was done to keep avertising off the site, and the fee were small, I’d consider it.

But, then again, I work in advertising, so that makes the perfect storm for me. No work and have to pay for fluther.

Consider ads first!

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I think that would be the breaking point as far as Mrs. Harp is concerned. She already resents the time I spend here; if it started showing up on the MC bill, bye-bye Fluther.

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Absolutely not, this isn’t xbox live

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No. We’re bartering. Sharing advice, asking and answering questions. Entertaining each other. No $ needed.

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As an ideal, in the spirit of the question, I would in a heartbeat.

In the real, broke-ass world that exists outside of my monitor I would have to respectfully decline.

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If you had to pay, nobody would use the site, it is a user generated site which relies on people using it

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@allen_oif people are willing to pay to play peggle and zuma then i think they would pay to fluther.

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I would if I had the cabbage, which is so limited at this point I can’t even make cole slaw.

OK, so I pushed the analogy a little too far.

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My husband would throw a hissy fit if I did. lol

It’s not within our budget, but I would want to continue using the site. If it was like @EmpressPixie said, then that would work.

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if it cuts into beer money, then no.

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@Blondesjon people pay for peggle ?
i wouldn’t pay to use this site,maybe they could do a free version and paid for version

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Silence is Golden

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@sandystrachan…The full version. If you have information pertaining to a free playable full version I am all ears.

you know, cuz i don’t waste enough time on fluther

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Well, I paid $25 a year to get premium on xanga, and then they updated the free site to almost equal to what I was paying for premium (with the exception of the number of profile pics you could upload, 3 versus 99) and I thought it was sort of a waste. what the fuck was I paying for if the freeloaders were getting the same deal?

Personally, I would gladly pay about the same $25 (give or take) annually to be a member here. What we have here is priceless and if a few bucks out of my ‘beer money’ fund keeps Ben and Andrew in the black, then so be it. I’ll just cut back on steak dinners, or take out ice cream.

If I need beer money that bad, I’ll just get a part-time job delivering pizzas or something. Since I don’t drink much anyway, why not shoot a little cash at Fluther? I can think of other much less valuable things to spend a few bucks a year on.

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From your mouth not to the Fluther gods ears, I hope.

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Probably not. That would be an easy way to break the addiction.

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No, I wouldn’t. Partly because I’m so broke right now and partly because I don’t like the idea of paying to be part of a group. It seems seedy to me.

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I would consider myself liberated.

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no sorry, I wouldn’t. I might agree to pay a one-off fee, regardless of how big it was, but I wouldn’t agree to the monthly fee, even one as little as $1

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No. To quote Marx (Groucho, not Karl): “I don’t care to belong to a club that accepts people like me as members.” especially if I have to pay for the privilege.

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No. There’s no site that I know of that’s worth paying for. Forget it!

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Depends on how minimal it was. The thing is, though, Fluther is what it is because of the users, and a fee would change who used it, and apparently remove many users. Maybe if there were optional value-added features, though I don’t know what those would be.

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No, I would not pay to join this site! I don’t spend that much time on here and I find the questions or the majority of people on here are more ‘immature’ (younger) than what I would prefer if I were paying for it.

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@Blondesjon install steam client and you can download it free and legal there.i go tthe extrem edition also from there along with other games

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@sandystrachan…Can you PM me a link?

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No, there are plenty of other free sites I could go on, and if they all went under, I could always go back to making gifts for charity fairs and auctions.

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Only if the “small fee” was less than one cent. ;^)

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No because of the simple fact that I have no money except cash, and that can’t be transferred online. I checked

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It would have to depend on how much the fee is and how often I’d have to pay.

If it was a one time fee, and less than ten bucks, then possibly I’d pay up. For a monthly fee, I’d probably go somewhere else.

Also, I see no beneft in charging members, in my opinion, it would cause a majority of them to migrate to other, free sites.

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Not without some serious major changes.

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As the way it is now, NO I would not.

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