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how do I thin the plants (veggie sprouts) in my garden?

Asked by occ (4179points) November 6th, 2007

Thanks to all the wonderful flutherites out there who sent ideas for how I could find local community gardens, I now have my own plot. I planted carrots, swiss chard, and kale. I have little sprouts growing. I’ve been told I am supposed to thin them. How big should the sprouts get before I thin them? I planted three seeds in each little hole, so I have three little sprouts growing close to each other. How do I thin them without tramautizing the root systems? Do I just pull two of them right out as if they were weeds? Clearly, I’ve never gardened before…

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if you are gentle you can pull them out with one hand while stabilizing the soil around the other seedlings with your other hand, but try pinching them off with your thumb and forefinger fingernails. I don;t think the size is very critical…two, four or six leaves….an inch or two tall.

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cut off the two smaller ones with scissors when they are about finger lenght

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