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What do you like on top?

Asked by ShortStuff (65points) March 22nd, 2009

I’m thinking about making a pizza, and I want to know what are some good toppings for a pizza? Besides pepperoni.

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Carmelized onion! Sweat some sweet onions strips in a pan with butter and a touch of brown sugar.

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marinated chicken

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Paris Hilton!

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(Oh wait! I think I misunderstood the question.)

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Broccoli and beef make a GREAT combo on a pizza.

Also, sweet corn is great. Trust me.

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Lmao you did but that was a good one.

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Tons of mozarella, fresh tomato, mushrooms, BBQ sauce…..

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Ricotta cheese.

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My personal favorite pizza is topped with Feta, tomato and jalapeno. Sounds crazy, but is actually amazing.

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@dynamicduo : I knew it! When I was pregnant I asked my husband to make corn topped pizza for me. He was so disgusted by the idea that he refused to do it. I have been vindicated!

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Ricotta and sundried tomatoes or BBQ chicken or Grilled veggies and goat cheese with a drizzle of balsamic…mmmm

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Mmmm veggies!

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Canadian ham and pineapple…

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My favorite is marinated chicken and sausage. Oh, and extra cheese.

@Mr_M: Good callback my friend. :^)

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I like to be smothered with Sweet Poontang

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Freakin’ bananas yo!

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No….not into bananas..:)

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Marinated artichoke, spinach, and feta. Yuuummm, now I want to make a pizza.

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Sexy women with lovely tatas preferably :-)

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