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How to burn CDs with playlist information in iTunes?

Asked by aloha (343points) November 6th, 2007

When I burn a mix CD in iTunes the playlist information (artist / song / album / art) will show up on my iMac. However, when I put the CD in a friends computer (either Mac or PC) the songs are there but no playlist information (artist / track / album / art). Wonder what I am doing wrong here… thanks in advance for your answers!

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fyi audio CDs burned in iTunes don’t have the metadata burned on the disc (not possible), so the artist/song and other info is not retained when you eject the cd and take it to another player or computer. Store bought audio CDs don’t have this info either, however they have a code embedded in the header file that Internet CD databases use (Gracenote, for example is one that iTunes software uses to access track info when you load a store bought disc) to retrieve track info.

I’m not by my computer but by best guess is that since you burned the playlist on your iTunes, somehow your computer ‘remembers’ the track info (especially if the original playlist is still in your sources column on the left). Maybe an interesting test could be for you to eject your burned playlist CD, then delete the playlist from your iTunes playlists, then try reloading the CD into your computer and see if the track info comes up.

Last thing: if you change the format for CD burning in preferences/advanced/burning, and set it to either .mp3 or .AAC format, the data disc you burn will store the metadata tags in each songfile.

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if you go into the options menu and go to burn options… You can just click on the “add track information” box and you will never have the issue again… Unless iTunes is uninstalled

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