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Do you think it's important to show a picture of your face to someone you're talking to online?

Asked by VzzBzz (2784points) March 22nd, 2009
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Um, obviously not. Unless you are trying to date said person.

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So are you the bumble-bee or the woman being, um, fondled by said bumble-bee?

< < And while that’s not me, I do resemble a chocolate chip cookie.

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That’s our Bee….

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No. I’m with Daloon. Show your butt!

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Not particularly, I find after a few months I do. I like to see who I’m talking to, and it’s only fair to reciprocate.

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@Mr_M: Don’t you mean rancid?

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I dunno, I like visualizing the people I’m talking to.

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i like to show my face to the people i interact with.

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No. Though, personally, if you grow to know someone well, it is a bit weird not being able to place a face to the name.

It would be nice if you could have avatars viewable only by select people, and for everyone else something else would show up.

(Used to post my picture, but considering all the hassle that comes with it, it’s much easier to post something more expressive & interesting looking.)

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I think it helps. I know I miss my camera. :(

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@cprevite – No, Mr. M is referring to the fact that Daloon’s profile pict was of a butt. Rancid has a different profile pict.

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I like hearing peoples voice. It is always fun to read what they write in their voice. If I haven’t heard yours my default is Morgan Freeman.

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@La_chica_gomela: I know. I was being facetious.

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On another site, I have exchanged dozens of email addresses & we’ve also exchanged pictures. It’s fun to put a face with the voice.

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For those who do feel the need to put a face to the name, you can see many of our illustrious and, might I say, beautiful jellies here.

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I like to get a idea about that person by seeing their face.

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yes, but i’ll just show the top of my head for now :)

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@Liz- funny! You know what I mean, between two people who are interested in one another, possibly a romantic thing. From online social experience, I say to get a real pic of yourself out there asap.

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@VzzBzz ohh, then yea, you should show ya face… and clothed body :)

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Depends if your ugly or not.

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I’m of mixed feelings about this. I think some people, however unintentionally, treat one another differently based on appearance. In forums such as this where the communication of ideas and opinions are the primary method of exchange, I think the influence of someone’s physical appearance on those exchanges sells the process short.

People nerfing their opinions to placate cute girls, for example…

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Of course , everything influences everything around it to some degree.

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@Myndecho That goes without saying. I think that it can be disingenuous, though, to express an opinion differently than one would otherwise due to the relative attractiveness of the other participants. Likewise, someone who’s more attractive (via their actual appearance or behavior) seem more likely to “get away with” behaving like princesses or asshats by the general public. I’m just musing, at this point, but it’s an observation based on previous experiences.

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That’s true. For instance, I don’t have a picture of myself as my avatar because I want people to treat me like a normal person, not like the perfectly-proportioned, godlike hulk of a man they would see me to be.
Just joking. But I do agree with the sentiment, and I like that avatars are fairly inconspicuous here, often not even a picture of the user- that way, even if you know what a person looks like, you are not constantly reminded of their appearence as you write, and the influence is less direct.

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@Jayne Thank you for the link to the member pics, that is a great feature!

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You’re most welcome. You’ll have to thank krose1223 for creating it, though.
Incidentally, I feel as though there is a more recent version of it, but I can’t seem to find it. Feel free to look around for it, but it is quite possible that my brain is simply spasming.

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I don’t show my face.

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@Jayne: Naw, that’s the right link, NOW ADD YOUR PICTURE, DAMN IT.

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