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Any Websites I Can Download Movies For Free That Will Be Compatible With My iPod?

Asked by desiree333 (3206points) March 22nd, 2009

Are there any websites out there that are virus free (preferrably) that I can watch and download movies from that are compatible with my iPod so I can watch them on it?

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You could just download Videora.

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No. Movies aren’t free. Just pay for shit.

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@asmonet will Videora give me viruses?

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@asmonet this is just like Handbrake. I tried Handbrake and it didnt work for me. I’ll give this a try though I guess.

jrpowell's avatar has a link to download in a format that will play on your iPod. You won’t find major hollywood movies but there is still a ton of stuff.

edit :: Threads is pretty good.

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Lurve for Threads!

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You can try download movies there movie downloads are compatible with any browser a user uses today.

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