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What happened to good customer service?

Asked by essieness (7693points) March 22nd, 2009

It seems like anymore, customer service is going down the shitter. I just pulled through DQ, and the chick shoved my bag out of the window at me without saying a word. What happened to “Hello, how are you?” and “Have a nice day.”?? I’ve noticed this in my restaurant too… Some of the servers and hostesses just don’t get the concept of serving customers. It’s like they expect the customers make the experience pleasant and not the other way around.

Where does this stem from? When did it start?

By the way, my hamburger is cold. Nice.

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Vutt are you talking about my friend? It has all gone to India!

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No clue—I won’t go back to places that don’t have good customer service, for the most part. There are a (very few) places that are worth putting up with being treated less than well if I’m out spending money (and leaving tips).

I haven’t noticed any less service lately. In fact, I got waaaaay too much at the store today and a bit much on Friday at pizza.

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I’ve noticed that too, and it seems mostly to be the pretty little high school girls running the cash register. As if my buying $100 worth of lumber and outdoor goods is somehow making her day go badly. I usually try to engage cashiers in a little conversation, asking how they are doing, if they are having a good day, you know, harmless banter to make life just a little more pleasant. All I get is a bored stare and monotone replies.

I hope they aren’t stupid enough to think I am hitting on them, because I am happily married and besides, I’m attracted to women over 30, not kids. I think next time it happens, I’m going to find a manager and file a complaint. If that little girl doesn’t want to do her job, I’m sure they have a great big pile of applications of people that could use it.

Because, if you don’t like your job, why do it?

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The lack of real customer service really annoys me. Even if they are busy with another customer, making eye contact to acknowledge that they will assist you next is important. I remember when I was young and worked in that type of job and had a boss that spent a lot of time with the employees talking about customer service. I doubt that happens any more.

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This is why I am always so pleased to find good customer service these days. I hate it when cashiers, etc. don’t say “thank you” or at least acknowledge me! I make it a point to frequent those places that still emphasize good customer service… but they are few and far between. If I ever own a business, I know I’ll make it a priority!

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Sorry, but I don’t understand why customers get their panties in a wad because a cashier does not act as if you’ve made her day by coming through her line.

I am in college (not a kid—I am 32) and had to work at a horrible discount department store until I got a job on-campus. My job was to check out groceries, tell the customers the total, and hand them the receipt. They do not deserve praise for accomplishing the purchase of peanut butter and Pop-Tarts.

Outright rudeness is one thing, but a cashier that doesn’t engage you in conversation? What’s the big deal? Why should she?

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