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Ooh! Isn't it cool how questions with similar topics to the one you're viewing come up on the sidebar?

Asked by resmc (749points) March 22nd, 2009


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yes it is, this site is pretty slick!

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yes, I keep wanting to click on yes just to say yes but I have to type it out. I cna handle it. :)

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@lilycoyote Lol! Was looking around myself for some yes/no buttons. Kinda good, tho, in terms of promoting discussion, that we have to comment to answer.

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[Mod says] Pure Yes-No questions are frowned upon. We want high quality questions and discussions. Look around and see what I mean, or send me a private message.

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Yes. It’s the miracle of Fluther.

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@lillycoyote and I suppose also @resmc it always used to bug me on when someone would yes or no a question and not comment when it wasn’t appropriate to the question.

I kind of like not having to deal with that…

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@shilolo Sorry! It took a while to get used to only asking yes/no questions when joining… so guess the habit stuck a bit. Will enjoy the wider scope, now that more open-ended questions are allowed!

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Yep, it’s kind of nifty or groovy for those of you still living in the 60’s.

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Yes, I am liking the sibling page quite a bit.

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@Lefty_the_space_monkey Yeah that kind of bugged me too. Even a simple question like: Do you have any really great household hints? I would get a fair number of people who would answer yes but wouldn’t bother to comment as to what their really great household hints were. LOL, like yeah, I’ve got ‘em but I’m not telling you!

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@lillycoyote So they want you to think.

I think they were just point whoring.

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I think that’s what the topics list gets us when we type it in beneath the question (also causing the question to appear in “Questions for You” lists for people who have those topics on their lists of interests). If you create two questions with the same lists of topics in both, I think they will come up in each other’s sidebars.

Note, some of those siblings questions are really old—look at the date of origin at the top—but many have more recent answers. (Answers are not going to be date-stamped, but you can always tell when a comment is written by a very recent member.) It’s ok to respond to the old ones. Sometimes a whole new spate of responses springs up, and people who are still following the question will see it and often join in.

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