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Do green olives and black olives come from different trees, or are green olives just picked when less ripe?

Asked by occ (4173points) November 26th, 2006
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Unripe olives, which are pear shaped and green, will change to a dark purple and then black as they ripen and "fill" with oil. Green table olives are picked and cured before they have ripened. Black olives, which have been left on the trees and picked when they are fully ripe.
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And where does the pimento come from?
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from your mother, andrew.
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I think the sort of Pimento found in olives is actually a sweet spanish pepper. I’m not entirely sure, though. There are other things called “pimento”, like some sort of berry from an Allspice plant, and then there’s the band, Project Pimento….. but yeah. I’m thinking sweet spanish pepper.

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Most olives we call black are usually a dark purple, the black canned olives have usually been treated with chemicals such as sulfates turning them black artificially.

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