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First date with a good friend?

Asked by Jude (32131points) March 22nd, 2009

We’ve been good friends for a year. She was interested in me when I was in a relationship this past year. We had decided last week to give the dating thing a go. I just don’t want it to be weird/awkward. How do you go from hanging out with your homey (almost every weekend) to dating? Sure we’ll bust out the slingbacks, fancy dresses, order plenty of ridiculously priced frou frou drinks, and have a “romantic dinner”, but, how can you go about making it different; special? How do you make that transition – from them being a good friend to dating them?

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Well I can tell you that when you cross the sexual intimacy line it’s firmly in the relationship territory but getting past that is awkward. But once you are intimate there’s no going back to casual relating so go slow. Don’t push what doesn’t feel natural or you will just sacrifice the friendship.

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Have ZERO expectations.
If you guys hang out a lot, then just do what you would normally do, no need to turn on the fine dining just yet.

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It always freaks me out less if I can think that nothings changed and in your example all that time hanging out wasn’t ‘dating’ but it was the interview for the job, now that you’ve got the job nothings changed because you’re still you and she’s still her. You create your own path and definitions of how things should go. You’ll be fine. Have fun.

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excellent question! if only i knew!

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Do what you normally do, be considerate and thoughtful, be attentive. Hold hands. The rest will work itself out after you kiss her.

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Are you prepared for the possibility that the friendship won’t last after the end?
If you are, just trust yourself, and as Alfreda said, the rest will work out.

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hey! so what happened?? i am curious if there is an update on the situation??

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@alive it’ll be happening this weekend. (:

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good luck! i’m sure it will go well!

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jmah, you know we’ll want an update! Hope you have fun!

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Haha. @AlfredaPrufrock I’ll be back with an update. (:

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Well, here goes nothing…;-)

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@jmah Have fun!!! Be true to yourself.

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You might mark the occasion by giving a small gift. And then go out and have fun as normal.

Hope it works out!

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It worked out well. We’re now in a relationship. :)

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