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Why should I join

Asked by SillyGirl (619points) March 22nd, 2009
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because we are all here!

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Cause we’re kind of amazing. :)

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And…you kinda already joined.

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Too late!

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Well, @SillyGirl, it looks like you already did.

As to why you should, no one should. It isn’t going to be to everyone’s taste. But if you enjoy being part of a community who exchange thoughts and knowledge with one another in a Q&A format, remembering to take some things seriously, treat one another and the community with respect, and still engage in banter and witty one-upsmanship and the occasional spate of raunchy humor, you should feel welcome here.

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Thank you…:)

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@Jeruba: You just listed every reason I have for loving this place.

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Couldn’t have, @asmonet. I left out at least forty. Go to it, girl!

(You’re one of them.)

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You already did!

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@Jeruba: lurve, lurve, lurve.

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I was thinking that minekey would be a better way to go for us.

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Because we’re warm and fuzzy!

And because we will send ninja hit squads over the internet to attack your IP address if you don’t.

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Because we’re a great community. A whole bundle of people who love to share their knowledge and help others. We’re more like a family, sometimes getting in small arguments and disagreements, having debates, yet honestly looking out for one another. Everyone has something to give. Even if it’s only a few letters, or maybe even three paragraphs, everyone puts their all into their answers.

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The debates are great as @chelseababyy said. The support is great. The advice (even when brutally honest is super helpful. And, I have to say the anonymity of it helps. No one has to know who you are, unless you choose to divulge that information. So, ask away about anything you want—completely serious life questions to silly daily pondering.

And, you’ll find, you’re not alone.

Plus, you’ll find yourself giving tips/advice/feedback/expressing your opinions and it feels pretty wonderful :)

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Good morning from the RSA and hello fellow wis.dmers and new friends!!!...:D

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@Jeruba: Teehee! :D

@SillyGirl: Hello Friend!

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Come baaaaaack SillyGirl….

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