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If you're on "un speaking" terms with someone, don't you usually have a solid sense of why?

Asked by VzzBzz (2784points) March 22nd, 2009
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what is the question exactly?

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Sometimes when asking questions, people forget to include a question.
Try some details.

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Not always—sometimes someone stops talking to you. They think the reason is utterly obvious, but it was really just unfounded gossip or something totally random that didn’t stick with you at all. You may have no clue.

On the other hand, sometimes you have a pretty good idea. And if you have no clue, you can usually do something to get clued in.

However, you may wish to revisit your wording of this question to elaborate as to what you actually wanted to know.

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One should have a reason if they’re going to actively ignore someone.

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I might have a very good idea, but it doesn’t mean that person has any idea at all. And vice versa.

Having been the victim of un-speaking and having NO idea why, I’d advocate being up front about it and not leave the other person guessing

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i don’t do the “ignore” thing with people. to me, that’s immature. (just my opinion). if someone ignores me, and i’ve made several attempts at hello in passing, then i’ll ignore them back (happens very infrequently). i feel that no matter how much you dislike someone there’s always room for “hello” and being civil.

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Another non-question.

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Me and my bff are going through one of these non-speaking times and I know my side, and I’ve asked her for hers but hers doesn’t make sense to me or I think I’m being brushed off and so our tiff wont get resolved. Now we are not speaking and I’m at stalemate because I’m torn between relief the relationship is over and loyalty to the friendship. Sad.

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@boots: Yes, I agree.
So what’s up with that Steve?

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