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Would you be disfigured if all of your emotional scars were visible?

Asked by Ender (177points) March 22nd, 2009
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Not disfigured, but I’d have some battle scars, that’s for sure. And most of them have come in just the last year or so.

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I might have some wicked cool ones, but I don’t think I’d be horribly disfigured.

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I’d have some pretty serious scars. It might make me see that some aren’t as bad as I thought they were and some are way worse. It would be incredibly useful in a way. But ultimately, I don’t think I’d be disfigured. I’d just have a few zingers.

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I’d have scars, but they’d make me quite ruggedly handsome.

I know, I know, it would be possible for me to be more handsome.

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@andrew: Quite impossible. ;)

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I’m pretty sure I would be pretty badly bruised and broken. Maybe not permanently disfigured, but i’d have some serious scars. I imagine I would have one that might look a little like future Peter from Heroes.

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I remember this question on

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Horribly, horribly disfigured. Think Ephialtes from 300.

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i feel that way right now, powerless too

i put my hand out to get nothing in return

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Would have more scars, probably, but nothing too horrid…. though perhaps if no one else’s emotional scars were made physical, it would stand out.

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Some of them are more gangrenous than scar tissue.

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I’m afraid so, I’m certainly glad they do not show.

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They’d all be in one spot, I think. Like a keloid. Not too visible or disfiguring.

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Not to where you could tell…

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I’m pretty sheltered, even emotionally.

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No for me too. I would have a few scars, but I would wear them proudly. For the most part, I don’t let things get to the stage of emotional scarring nor am I easily scarred.

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I think they would show over a lot of my face, but it would appear as if they had been inflicted internally, and my skin was trying to keep them in.

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You’ve heard of Quasimoto? I’d make him look like Andrew in makeup. :-)

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I’d look like Frankenstein, lol

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Probably not. I haven’t experienced much in that field yet.

But I’m only 17. Have a whole chunk of lifetime for that. :)

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I’d be pretty cut up.

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Sadly, very much so!! Thankfully I wear this mask…

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Many of my emotional scars have healed, leaving only the memory. I can see how some might be not only ugly scars, but might still be sensitive or even painful.

But if we wore our emotional scars for all to see, there might be a new standard of beauty, which reflected empathy for some of the deeper scars. Since they would be on display for all to see, there would not be the stigma that there seems to be with visible physical scars.

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