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Why do we say PIN number? effectively you are saying Personal identity number number. Now I just type my PIN in to the ATM machine? (Do you agree?)

Asked by Myndecho (948points) March 22nd, 2009
I hope you all get the ATM machine reference.

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Yes. You are correct sir. But if we said Pi number we may get a few tasty desserts instead

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I just say PIN. And ATM.

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I used to work at NBD Bank. That would be, National Bank of Detroit Bank.

Also, we have DSW Shoe Warehouse (Designer Shoe Warehouse Shoe Warehouse). Drives me nuts.

I think people want to add that bit at the end, to clarify – to make it into an adjective instead of a noun.

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Good question, I think I use term “pin number”. I need to stop this ASAP as possible.

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@SeventhSense – Ha! I got my friends this plate one year for a present.

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Well, some folks call that large cylinder attached to the faucets labeled H as a hot water heater. Why would you want to heat hot water? It’s already hot.

And ATM stands for Automated Teller Machine, so calling it an ATM machine is redundant. Sort of like the Dept of Redundancy Dept. But then, I expect such nonsense from the govt.

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Attention: Nerds Kitchenware- Aisle 3.

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I know. It bothers me but I’ve caught myself doing it. I remember recently being on the phone with my insurance agent adding a new vehicle to my policy and telling him to hold on while I got the VIN number.

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This is my biggest pet peeve. I always correct people who say “PIN Number” “ATM Machine”, etc. To a lesser extent, I get annoyed at “NFL Football” (as opposed to what, NFL Baseball?).

The absolute worst was when I filled out a form at my college, Rensselaer, that asked me for my “Rensselear RIN Number”. Three guesses what RIN stands for.

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If you think that’s bad there’s a program called Lame (I think) It stands for Lame ain’t a MP3 encoder, the worsted thing is it is a MP3 encoder.

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Surly there are worse things in life than that to hate it.

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@Myndecho well that’s a recursive acronym, which is something else entirely. See also: PHP: the PHP Hypertext Protocol, and of course TTR: The TTR Report

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I did notice that only a few days ago, I just smiled I carried on learning.

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Myndecho yay!

Notice my new and improved user name combining the letter “D” from (since it is my favorite letter) and the “des cygnes” part from AIROW. Pretty crafty. ;)

And yes, PIN number is a lame thing to say. Someone call the Department of Redundancy Department!

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Oh no not you again :P I can’t get away from you.

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we also say “VIN number” for vehicle identification number number.

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And we also talk about the hoi polloi.

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Hoi polloi, I’ve never heard of that before as far as I recall. I like it.

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@Myndecho; see what happens when you hang around here? Wait until you meet the crowd who speak Dutch, Norwegian, Faroese, Czeck, Finnish, Latin and Icelandic.


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And the Proto-Canaanites too.

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We say “Tap Mac” here near Philly. Apparently that’s a local thing, from ads long ago. It’s stuck though.

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On other websites we used to use a lot of as etc hominem, nauseum, populum, and I have picked up a lot of Latin, a bit of French, Greek, German

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Bonum est. ηοι πολλοι

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