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You may have noticed there are many of us new users around today from .Can you give us any advice on how best to use the site?

Asked by jo_with_no_space (1462points) March 22nd, 2009
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This question is going to get killed.

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Stop bringing up maybe? Seriously, I’ve already read how Fluther can’t compare, and that’s not nice. We aren’t trying to be them, so stop comparing us. Just relax and try to enjoy yourselves. We are all very friendly and you will see that after a few days. Obviously it looks bitchy that I said that, and I’m not trying to be a bitch but I just don’t see why it has to keep being brought up.

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@Ivan: You’re new, don’t go making predictions.

Click around, answer twenty times before you even think of posting a question. Read old questions from users who have 1000+ lurve, get a feel and see what works and what doesn’t.

You’ll be a vet in no time. :)

And yes. Stop talking about No on on here but the few of you who came over care. We weren’t involved.

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@asmonet I have already been told numerous times today that asking more than one question about violated the guidelines. That, and there was already a question exactly like this. I personally don’t want this question to be deleted, but I have no reason to suspect that it won’t.

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@elijahsuicide I’m relaxed and learning about this site. I made no point of comparison, that’s not not relevant to me, and it’s not something that I said. I want to contribute and get the best out of this. I have felt mainly very welcomed so far and so I wanted to learn a little more about the site. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

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@Ivan Well, I had no idea of such guidelines Ivan. If this question gets deleted, well than fair enough. It was an innocent effort on my part to try and understand a site that I’m new to.

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I’m just saying we were all new at one point, and we all seemed to catch the point of the site quite easily. I never heard of your other site. I’ve heard about it 15 times today. I’m sorry you guys lost a place where you felt so at home.
I know you weren’t the one who made the comment, I never implied you were.
I just think it’s tacky to keep mentioning it, almost like mentioning your ex’s name constantly in front of your new SO. Haha I sound like a jealous lover!
Welcome to fluther, to you and all the others.

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@elijahsuicide I get the point of the site already, it seems really interesting. I’m sure I still have a fair few things to grasp, and I hope it’ll be fun.

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Before today I had no idea what WIS.DM is either but it’s great to see so many new faces (avatars?) around the site.

I don’t know about comparing the two sites but this is home to a lot of us and all are welcome… i’ve only been here for a month and already i feel like part of the family.

Make yourselves at home guys. Lurve for all the new jellies!

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It is not done will ill intent. It is not a judgement or personal attack.

Give Fluther a chance- we are all nice folk. We like newcomers.


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@Dog that is an awesome avatar!

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@Dr_C No comparisons necessary. I like the look of this site and hope to have some great conversations here. Thanks for the welcome :)

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@Dog Heh, thanks for the welcome :)

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@Dr_C Many thanks- The dog painted was in an animal shelter. She found a home by a miracle. Your avatar is cute too- your pup?

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@Dog my pup on christmas eve when i got him…. he is now considerably larger but just as cute…

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A few other suggestions:

We have a decent search function now (in the upper right corner of the page). Be sure to search for similar questions before asking (you may be asking something that’s already been beaten to death here).

And yeah, folks here are bound to get less and less tolerant of hearing about as time goes by. We went through another similar refugee situation awhile back and that’s what happened. Just don’t be surprised if people get a little snappy. If you want to regroup with old friends, use the chatroom

Get into the spirit of the “lurve” thing. I don’t know what kind of reward system you guys had, but here we express our appreciation by clicking the “Great Answer” or “Great Question” buttons. It’s just a feel-good gesture, not a competitive thing, and it’s a good social lubricant. Also, add people to your “fluther” who’s responses or questions you especially like; that can help build social bonds as well.

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@Harp Thank you. I’ll be sure to take that on board. I understand that the sound of is getting really old.

And re the lurve? I’ve already used the “great question!” and “great answer!” buttons a number of times.

I think I’ll settle in just fine here :)

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Just jump in and play, silly. If you can’t figure it out without asking you didn’t learn much at that other site..what was it’s name????

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