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Is it possible for a women to have an orgasm from reading a romantic novel?

Asked by Garebo (3183points) March 22nd, 2009
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yea, if they are reading with 1 hand on the book.

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If she is holding it in one hand and stimulating herself with the other I suppose. I would admit, though, that I have not actually tried this.

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@jamms Beat me, ahem, to it.

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Damn, I needed to edit the question to “only”.

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Yes, and they need not stimulate themselves with their hands, just as some men do not need to have anything touch their penis to orgasm. Fact.

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You learn fast if you ask a poorly constructed question. Now, I will never get the confirmation to a question I always had.

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despite the bold FACT in asmonet’s answer, I think that you will find that most people require stimulation in order to orgasm. I’m sure this varies on a person my person basis. I don’t think in most situations mental stimulation would be enough. it would however likely kick start the process.

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Wait, some men can do that? I think I have a new hobby!

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at the library i worked at, we’d find them in the restrooms…

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heheh, Marina said “beat me” during the masturbation thread.

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@fireside nice catch. spank’s for noticing!

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Actually, in my experience, mental stimulation, as in reading a fairly graphic romance novel, is quite enough.

“The brain is a full-fledged sexual organ.” – Nicholas Wade

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@Darwin that’s true. i know a lot of guys who think with their sexual organ.

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@eponymoushipster – You are talking about the brain in the other head.

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@Darwin as Morrissey said, Most people keep their brains between their legs.

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@eponymoushipster – Properly said it should be Most men keep their brains between their legs. Many women keep theirs between their ears

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I don’t think so.
I need a lot of mental stimulation, more than physical touch..but I still need the physical aspect to have an orgasm.

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@jamms: Notice, I said some. Read closer.

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Not likely! There’s always going to be a few exceptions, but most women can’t have an orgasm without direct and practiced physical manipulation.

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@asmonet some =/= fact. and your some only applied to men. you said yes as a blanket answer in regards to women. just saying.

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Nitpicking. :)

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@Amoebic – I am very glad to be one of those exceptions. I suspect that most men don’t realize how superfluous they actually are to the female orgasm.

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nah, I’m over it now. truce.

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Done. :)

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Ladies, we’ve all had THOSE dreams and we can usually go right back into them without moving an external muscle. Guys, it would kill you to know what we can do.

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@Darwin: Well there goes my esteem along with twenty years of hard work.

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Spontaneous orgasms can happen to both men and women. A man’s wet dream, for instance. It could also be that the woman is aroused by reading the novel, and a shift in the sitting position causes friction in the clitoral area, thus facilitating an orgasm.

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Sure! The mind and the imagination is very powerful.

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@dynamicduo Gee. That is wild ! New one on me!

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