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What's outside my window?

Asked by asmonet (21415points) March 22nd, 2009

I can’t see it, but it’s…kinda dog cooing? Like if a hamster and a dove did it and then the babies made sounds, it reminds me of puppy whines too. Short bursts, definitely a cooing feel to it. Sound like there are at least two. I live in Northern Virginia and it’s 1AM. Any ideas?

I’m off to Nancy Drew this bitch.

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Its me! Are you saying you don’t enjoy my mating call?

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Baby, I thoroughly, enjoy your mating calls.

I went outside and all I heard was something scurrying away. Ms. Drew would be so disappointed in me.

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@asmonet I seriously can’t help but smile every time you say “Nancy Drew this Bitch”. Made my night!

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Chupacabra, definitely Chupacabra! Bring the goats in immediately.

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Organize the team! It’s zombie go time!

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Sweet, i’ve wanted to see asmonet’s Nancy Drew skills in action ever since the “What.The.Hell.Is.This” thread.

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dude, we’ve got this crazy animal where we live, it does this insane howl every once in a while…like a dog bark, but it keeps going and it’s really shrill. scariest thing ever.

you definitely seem to have a zombie situation on your hands. or @elijahsuicide is ready to make a baby with you.

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I bet your’s is a fox, cash.

The Hunt Begins.

God help me, I can’t sleep at all. Not a good night for insomnia. ;)

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it is not a fox! it is a crazy unknown species! i use this ammo against my husband, he is scared to death of it

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Zombies for sure.

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it’s okay, I have my crossbow.
I’m safe.

If they come for you too…find me.

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We have coyote in the area and they make all kinds of fun noises. Mating, fighting, shaking the bushes. When we have a campfire, they howl at night in the woods and scare the bejeezuz out of newcomers.
I like them. They eat the squirrels, chipmunks, mice that I missed.

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Did you find it? I’ve heard chainsaws are useful in the world of Zombies. Or is it that you should run from zombies with chainsaws… I can never remember…

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Has no one suggested a UFO ;-)

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