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What is the name of the tree in San Francisco with tiny white flowers that smell like jasmine?

Asked by occ (4173points) November 26th, 2006
the flowers are tiny--you might not even notice that there are flowers unless you stopped to look. the smell is sublime when the trees are in bloom--about four times a year. Similar to jasmine, but a little more acrid. I have never seen these trees anywhere but SF and would love to know the name.
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It might be a Pacific Madrone...but I would need more details
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Photinia fraseri (I should italicize this) foe-TIN-ee-uh FRAY-zer-eye
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those flowers smell amazing, but not at all like jasmine. actually.
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Pittosporum? Smells like orange blossoms but should bloom once/year only.
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orange blossoms!
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Can you tell us a bit more: (1) street tree or in the wild? (2) Leaves opposite (in pairs, like a maple) or alternate? (3) Leaves entire (no teeth or lobes) toothed, or lobed? And (4) Where is one exactly (if on a street, address of nearest house/building, if in the wild, where?
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I asked this question over a year ago and finally found out the answer! Gail was right—it is a type of pittosporum: it’s alled Pittosporum Undulatum, or Victorian Box trees! I found out by emailing Friends of the Urban Forest in SF—they are great!

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