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Should there be user status on fluther?

Asked by prasad (3859points) March 23rd, 2009

Do anyone want to know if someone’s online or not? or busy and so?
Can it be included like putting light on when online and off when you go off?

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That would be nice.

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yes i think that would be awesome

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I vote nay. I like the anonomous nature of Fluther.

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I vote no. It becomes an IM distraction. There are already enough outlets for that. Besides, I don’t want to admit I am up in the middle of the night doing this.

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A NO vote here; the less static the better.

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No. Fluther is perfect the way it is now.

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Eh, it doesn’t seem necessary to me. I don’t particularly want or need to know what everyone else is doing, so I’m voting no.

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Nah. We can’t really IM anyway. We PM. And there is no saying someone will notice right away if you PM them. I mean, I much prefer the system we have where you can see them online when they are typing an answer. I realize you don’t mean it would replace that, but to an extent that’s the most I need to know.

Of course, I can also always check the chat. It’s instant and says who is there.

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No. I like it this way.

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No. If you want real-time chat, there’s a chat room, and nothing prevents you from exchanging IM addresses in private messages.

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I like Fluther the way it is.

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If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. For my money Fluther ain’t even close to broke.

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Thanks all for your opinions.

To sum up, only 2 would like to add user staus to fluther, and most i.e. 10 would not.

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Nice summary, prasad! We need more of that kind of timely summation around here. Excellent.

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Make that 11. I much prefer stealth mode.

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