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What is your personal opinion on cigarettes?

Asked by MadParty (262points) March 23rd, 2009
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No, I don’t.

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No, cigarettes are nasty and very addictive.

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Nope, only spliffs and bongs

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Never. Not even once. When I was in 6th grade, as part of our Kentucky unit, we went to visit a cigarette manufacturing plant. The cigarette filter material was spun in large stainless steel vats that looked like cotton candy machines. The tour guide mentioned that the metal vats had to be replaced every six months because the filter material ate through the steel. I remember thinking, “Isn’t that supposed to be the good part of the cigarette?” The decision to never smoke was easy after that.

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There’s no filter in a Spliff x

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It’s like dr pepper, it’s misunderstood and you’ve got to try it to like it

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Yup, I do.. Both hand rolled and filter..

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I haven’t had a cigarette for six years now. I quit cold turkey.

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While I think that smoking is a it of a bad habbit, I aboslutely love a good cigar.. To bad they are wa to costly..

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I believe everyone has the right to do anything to their own bodies, so long as it does not affect any non-consenting person.

Cigarettes contain many known carcinogens. If someone has this knowledge but still chooses to smoke, they should be allowed to smoke.

However, I feel insurance companies are justified in raising their rates for smokers, by the same logic.

I do not smoke tobacco cigarettes. I do smoke joints though.

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bad for you

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No, gross. Also, they make me sneeze a lot. (The smoke really, really bothers me.)

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I started smoking last year. I only smoke Blacks (cloves), because I can’t stand the taste of just regular cigarettes. I have, however, made an attempt to stop before I get too hooked on them. I had half a pack of them left this weekend and tossed them at a friend and told him to take them.

I love smoking shisha though. There is a hookah bar I frequent at least once a week to smoke, relax, read, study. You know, whatever. It’s nice.

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Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em, but not in my presence and certainly not in my house.

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What he said ^ ^

nasty, nasty, nasty

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Quit in ‘93 when a routine exam in my ENT’s office found a red spot on my vocal cord. Turned out to be benign although they thought it WAS cancer before the biopsy.

That’s the scary thing. I used to think that whatever harm smoking would cause, it would come upon me gradually so that, when I started to get symptoms, I would quit.

NO! You wake up one day and “POW”, you’ve got cancer. No symptoms until it’s too late.

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Gross, deadly, and no I don’t.

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I underwent hypnosis to quit cigarettes sixteen years ago. It was the best 40 bucks I ever spent. I abhor cigarette smoke and I abhor even more the evil companies that lie to keep people addicted to their product.

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They are bad.

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(I noticed you edited this Q, Madparty! LOL!)

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I think they’re gross. I used to smoke quite a few years ago, but I was never addicted to it, and quit easily. Such a nasty habit.

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Yuck. Can’t stand cigarettes and I can’t stand the stale smoke smell.

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Added chemicals have made them too addictive and deadly.

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