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I need help finding information for a research paper.

Asked by ENIDAshlee (37points) November 7th, 2007

I’m doing a research paper in my English 2 class. My topic is Animal testing, we arent alloud to use google to find information, or .coms can someone please help me find some good information.

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What about animal testing do you want to focus on: cruelty towards animals being tested, physical testing, drug testing, phsychological testing? Once you narrow it down, it’ll be easier for people to make suggestions and to get you started on where to look, who to ask, etc.

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Isn’t fluther a .com?

Wikipedia on the other hand, is a .org…


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Well I was just asking if any one knew of any other sites I could use. I’m using Fluther to help me find other websites. I cant use Wikipedia either.

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Cruelty towards animals being testing. Whats tested on them, how they’re treated. Stuff like that.

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The National Anti-Vivisection Society should have some great resources:

However, this may go against your no dot-com rule.

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Are you not allowed to use Google and Wikipedia at all, or do you have to verify what you find there with other sources and not cite Google or Wikipedia directly? The former seems to me to be a foolish restriction, while the latter is responsible research, and it’s worth verifying this with your teacher.

In either case, you can look things up in encylopedias—start with the Encylopedia Britannica—and follow the leads you get from there. Or ask a librarian, who can show you how research worked in the days before Google and Wikipedia.

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Stop in at your local animal shelter. They surely must have some ideas.

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Thank you for the answers. In respone to the google or wikipedia thing. We arent alloud to search anything on wikipeida. We need to already know the websites we want to go to or whatnot. Thats my teacher for you; hes pretty strict when it comes to things like this.

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It’s called “teaching” and “learning.” How old are you, BTW?

sp. allowed
p. That’s
p. he’s
p. aren’t
Perfect use of the semicolon :-)

Knock’em dead, ENIDAshlee. You have a very worthwhile topic to work with.

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I’m 16. Yes I know my spelling is bad. But I’m also in a hurry and am not even supposed to be on here. But thanks for pointing that out.
I hope to do well on the paper.

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Double congrats for “I hope” rather than “hopefully.” Good luck. g


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