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Anybody remember this tv show?

Asked by ubersiren (15193points) March 23rd, 2009

I vaguely remember a show from when I was little. All I remember is that 1. it was called Penelope I think, or maybe that was just a character, 2. in my memory it’s a cartoon. 3. I think the main character is an old man (Penelope may be his pet?). 4. The theme song was “When I’m sixty-four” by The Beatles. If it wasn’t that, it sounded a lot like it with the oompa style clarinet part at the beginning. 5. It might have been British.

Am I making this up?

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I’m not sure… I will however, keep thinking about it and see if soemthing clicks in my brain… how old are you uber…do you mind me asking…?

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@lynneblundell : I’m 27 so the show probably would’ve been on (or in reruns) in the mid eighties or thereabouts. Thanks for keeping it in mind!

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oh cool…I’m 28 so I’ll have a think… something is stirring in my memory… was she a fairy?

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i don’t think this is the show you’re talking about, but it was the first one that came to mind….

The Perils of Penelope Pitstop

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Mr. Magoo?

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“When I’m 64 (using the numerals instead of spelling out the numbers) is also the name of a BBC television series starring Paul Freeman and Alun Armstrong as two older men who surprise themselves by falling in love with each other.”

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@Jack79 : Hahaha… I saw that one on wikipedia, but I’m fairly certain that’s not it. :o)

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Penelope Pitstop?

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I don’t think it was Penelope Pitstop. I think I’m just making it up… **cries**

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It makes me think of the little cartoon’s that Carole King wrote songs for. One was a little boy who, no matter what happened said, I don’t care.” I had forgotten all about the cartoon until I bought the Where the Wild things Are DVD for my grand kids. A few cartoons from that era were added onto the DVD. All very psychedelic.

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@ubersiren – here’s your opportunity…since no one remembers an actual show like this, you should write the script, you could become a rich and famous cartoonist. After all, if you’ve seen half the cartoons on Adult Swim, you know some people will watch ANYTHING

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@Judi: Reminds me of “I don’t care, Pierre”.

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@dalepetrie : Oooh, thanks! That’s a good idea… I’ve never heard of Assy McGhee. Lame. They’re so ripping off TitsMcGhee.

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I’m with dalepetrie. I think the universe (or, the dreamscape) is calling you to create this wonderful program!

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Yeah, first time I saw a promo for Assy McGhee, it reminded me of this which predated it by at LEAST a couple years if I’m not mistaken, and I’m thinking that the Family Guy clip was essentially making fun of the inane state of television comedy being so bad that we could literally have a show about a wisecracking ass and people would watch it. And lo and behold, Assy McGhee…

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God, Assy McGhee is just, everything that’s wrong with ‘America’.

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