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Welcome! Confused? Read the FAQ and check out the chatroom?

Asked by warpling (841points) March 23rd, 2009

Template fail? What kind of variable is wis?

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It’s a Q&A site that is shutting down, so many of the users are joining Fluther and are confused by our way of life. The Mods are trying to welcome them and show them “how it do” when you’re a Jelly.

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@trumi Thanks, I was confused.

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I’m in the room right now. But I am still trying to figure out why I am awake. It is 7:08AM here. Normally I sleep until noon.

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I’ve visited before, and noticed it was a lot different than fluther. It might take some getting used to here for them.

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The culture there was very different, this might help you to understand why the transition is a little bumpy.

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Hmmm, weird, I thought it was some method or variable coming through in the html. Haha

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That no Y or N question stipulation is particularly devastating. It’s sad to see that not being referred to as a legitimate question. I would ask that moderators go easy on that rule as I’ve seen a number of those questions on here by other users and sometimes they do spark intelligent discussion.

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@bythebay I was hoping someone would look at the wiki article (I wrote it :P), I think it gives you a pretty good idea of what we are coming from.

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@Ivan: I gave you lurve for attempting to explain it all – nice job!

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