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In this awful economy, what is the one thing you would refuse to sell?

Asked by kenmc (11763points) March 23rd, 2009

My camera and note books.

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My husband and my dogs.

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Oh wow…I never thought about selling anything.

I won’t sell my body. OK?! So stop asking.

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My computer. Oh, and my lizards, they take up a lot of space and money with their food and electric lights, but I won’t get rid of them simply to save money.

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ONE thing? There’s a LOT of things I wouldn’t sell. My relatives, my pets, in fact, there’s not much I WOULD sell.

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My husband keeps saying he could sell his airplane and i keep saying, right NOW you wouldn’t get any money for it! Who’s spending money (Besides Citibank and ours would fall way short) on airplanes?

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@Marina I didn’t think about selling people…

@please_not_to_ask2 You shouldn’t sell your body unless your talking about things like kidneys. Then do sell!

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@Mr_M I won’t count humans…

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My camera and snowboard. If I had to pick just one, my camera. I could always make a makeshift snowboard of some sort.

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I’m not gonna sell the right one…... the left one??? open to offers.

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@boots – I wouldn’t sell my cameras, ever. I did give one to my brother, but—that doesn’t count. I don’t know what else. I mean—pets. My sweet lovin’. Can you sell kidneys?

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My dignity.

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my son!

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My engagement ring. The diamond came from my great-grandmother’s engagement ring, and we re-set it in a modern bridge version of her style of ring. Family history and all that. I want to give it to my daughter or possible daughter in law down the line.

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@please_not_to_ask2 You can sell them on the black market! And you should give me your cameras cause I’m so cool :-S

@lynneblundell People don’t count!

@dorkgirl Good answer!

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The economy is not so bad yet that I would have to sell anything. Thankfully my job is not at risk, at least not as long as people are imprisoned and appealing convictions. But I could not/would not sell my laptop, and I could not/would not give up my cellphone. Dogs and people don’t count in this question…

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@boots – My cameras are cooler than you are. Sorry, man. One is a Minolta XG9 given to me by my father. The other is a special Lake Placid Olympics edition Canon F1 given to me by my mother. NEVER!

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I’d definitely never sell my records, bike, computer, camera or camping gear. The rest I could care less about.

I could always sell my…ahem…services!

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My Mustang Cobra. It would be like selling my soul.

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@Dog if you do decide to sell your soul…could I buy it? I’d sell just about anything to afford it :). I hate Fords, I am in love with the Cobra. It’s slightly ridiculous.

On that note…for me it would be my baby blanket. I’m 23, I still struggle to sleep if I know it’s not around. It means too much to me to ever consider letting it go.

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@_Liz – What’s the going rate for cadavers these days? Oh wait, are we talking a live body here? :)

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@adreamofautumn lol, well i was talking about prostitution

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My car, my camera, my cell & my computer.

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I sell clothes and books right now. I wouldn’t sell anything of emotional value.

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There are a few things I wouldn’t be able to part with, not counting a few things that are sentimentally important to me, my camera and laptop top the list.

(People don’t count for this, right?)

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Right now I wouldn’t sell a thing. I might cash in some of those old bonds though if I needed to.

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@Kelly27 No, people don’t count.

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I think if things got bad enough, I’ll borrow my neighbor’s shit and sell that first. I like my stuff!

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@forestGeek Ooh, dass unethical!

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@forestGeek ; looking at the recent surge of crime in my town you are not the only one thinking that way. We have nearly 15% unemployment.

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@boots Ok my list stands as is than. :)

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@boots – I’m kidding of course…actually, thankfully I have this horrible Catholic guilt that would never allow that, among other things!! :)

@Judi – yeah, that’s scary for sure and it’ll likely get a little worse too. I really hope all this economy stuff eventually brings families and communities closer together to get through it all!

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I won’t sell my body nor my dog. Okay, I won’t see Nonnie either but my sister is always up for negotiation.

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My laptop and my camera. If I did, there would go my photography and my music. What’s life without two of your most important passions?

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My stealth bomber

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@boots you didn’t state that in your question

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The books I like most.

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@forestGeek I’m sure someone would be willing to buy such services if you list those out. ;)

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Aside from those things that are a part of me, such as dignity and the like, I would say my poetry. Everything else is replaceable. I would never sell my poetry just to earn a dollar.

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anything i try to sell doesn’t ever go for much so i think i’d just rather not bother and cut back more…look for ways to live a simpler life

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That’s a really tough question, because if you are thinking about it practically, you have to think about what you have that someone would buy. That really lowers the field of what is even viable. People is not a legal option, so selling your family or your ‘body’ and living in prison doesn’t sound practical. Selling items you own that are potential money makers is not practical, like my glass kiln and supplies. Then there is all the stuff you accumulate that no one would pay for, the papers you wrote in highschool, old christmas cards, craft supplies you will never use… you’ll make more money giving it to goodwill and getting a write off.

Find a trade you can master and enjoy, and go for it. My son-in-law is a welder, I bought him a welder several years ago and he is just starting to use it now that he is laid off. A woman found him on Craig’s List and hired him to make a lingere holder for the back of her door. What he didn’t know was that she owns a lingere company, and the piece is going to be used in her next catalog this summer, and she will need a few more pieces—she was so impressed with his work she will be willing to offer the pieces for sale in the catalog as well!!
All because my daughter suggested he try to get a side job and list something on Craigs list…. Serendipity is what will keep you going…

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What isn’t mine to sell.

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I would sell anything. You want to buy a kidney?

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My computer, tv, dogs. I’m an addict!

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