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Could You Share Any Amazing Healthy Snack Foods Ideas?

Asked by ninjacolin (14233points) March 23rd, 2009

We need to know what to buy for what recipes!
Also any concepts of healthy food eating.

For starters, a friend of mine taught me that Salads are Slowly eaten snacks. They take a while so they’re actually great for lounging while watching TV or a movie or hanging out to replace Popcorn and Chips.

I also learned recently that you can make a Salad SUPER appealing by simply buying Cranberries and Raisins and Sliced Almonds from the Bulk Section of the Grocer. Some how the textures and the sweetness really make a salad amazing.. i even CRAVE them now. The almonds really help give you back that crunch feeling that we miss from dried fatty foods. I also enjoy a light Raspberry Vinaigrette to go with it.. Highly underestimated!

Any other tips, recipes and resources?!

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fresh fruit sliced with non-fat yogurt, vegies with salsa dip, air popped pop corn

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My favoritest low-calorie snack in the world is cucumber slices as the “chips” and low fat hummus as the “dip”. Carrot chips are good too.

Using a tart, savory low-fat cottage cheese (low calories, high protein) in a food processor with chives, garlic, and other herbs, blend until smooth… this is great for a creamy dip that isn’t too fattening.

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I’m partial to Dried Mango, myself.

Or Yogurt with good Granola.

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@3or4monsters ; Yumm! I’m gonna have to try that!

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Air popped popcorn is one of the yummiest yet healthy snack foods you can eat, so long as you don’t drench it in butter and salt. And it’s also dirt cheap.

Baked pretzel sticks are also good and very portable.

I always enjoy a piece of fruit as a snack. Preferably a citrus one, as they’re fun and time consuming to peel and eat segment by segment. Pomegranates are similar, a lot of work for very little (but delicious) food.

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wow wow wow…. I’m so excited…. but must come back later as i MUST do some studying

Gogi Berries… on…everything…. (particularly muesli in the morning!)

Oh and if anyone hasn’t discovered Rice Milk yet… do it now! It’s brilliant…low fat, packed with goodness and soooooo creamy!

p.s. thanks @ninjacolin x

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Veggies and hummus is another great snack, very healthy, very cheap if you make the hummus yourself (it’s pretty much just chickpeas, bit of oil and tahini and spices, blend it up, voila). Hummus with pita is also yummy. I’ve made pitas myself, they’re very easy to make (and cheap too).

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@dynamicduo ; My hubby uses I can’t believe it’s not butter spray on his air popped popcorn. You can’t use to much or it gets soggy, but with a little season salt or molly McButter it’s really good and healthy!

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Nuts are very healthy if eaten in small quantities. Since you have to chew them well, they are filling.

A handful of walnuts or almonds are best.

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@Judi – We’ve been experimenting with popcorn at my house recently. We cook it in an oil/butter mix because we don’t have an air-popper. My partner has taken to spicing it up with traditional spices, with very interesting results. Last night we had Dill Popcorn and it was very yummy indeed! I want to try fresh herbs on popcorn next.

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@Marina ; I love nuts but I am such a volume eater I have to avoid them. No small quantities for me. I need low calorie, High volume foods.

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Damn. Now i’m really hungry.

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Yes, it is very easy to “overdose” on nuts and eat a huge bag of them. They do contain a high amount of fat/oil, and while it’s good for your body, it’s also high in calories.

When I eat nuts, I always get the ones still with their shells. Again, it takes more time to get at the food, thus I eat less nuts overall versus someone taking from a bowl of pre-shelled nuts. And I find getting a walnut out of its shell completely whole (I’ve done it twice) is a great way to sharpen one’s logic skills.

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With pistachios and peanuts, I’ll suck on the shells until they’re soft, then crack them and eat the nut. It’s a little weird, I guess, but I end up eating quite a bit less that way.

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ahem, judi.. that yogurt and fruit idea is MINE! lol.

a bowl of granola (which isn’t really that healthy but the texture gets me everytime) with Vanilla yogurt and cranberries and raisins and almonds and cherries and.. as many different fruits as possible (except oranges.. i didn’t like it with oranges)

Oh man.. sometimes you get a lucky bite that has all the fruits in it… mouth watering goodness.

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Any combo of fruits and veggies are best.

Grapes are great as you can prep and clean them and have them waiting in the ‘frig for a quick snack. I love oranages and banans for the same reason. Very little prep.

@dverhey Dried mango is awesome.

The things that will make you feel the “fullest” will contain fiber or fat. Don’t totally eschew fat, as you can mistakenly overeat on non-fat products and end up eating more calories than you would have if you would have allowed yourself a small amount of fat for satiety.

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frozen fruit is good in the summertime too. Frozen strawberries can feel like eating a Popsicle!

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@Judi I hear you. I do not keep cashews around for that reason. It is really hard to eat a lot of raw walnuts with no salt though.

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I heard 2 handfuls of cashews is somehow equivalent to a pill of prozac. I don’t know how cashews affect the brain but.. wow what a thought.

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My addiction for healthy snack food is Edamame. I throw it into a pot or the microwave to heat it up (since it’s usually frozen) and then sprinkle with a tiny bit of salt or soy sauce. It’s soooo good. I’m also a huge fan of sunflower seeds, all the time. So many of my friends have gotten annoyed with me when they find empty gatorade bottles full of sunflower shells haphazardly forgotten somewhere. Oops. <<looks sheepish>>.

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If you want something a little bit healthier than granola to put in your yogurt, try a healthy cereal instead – I’m actually a huge fan of Kix mixed into my yogurt – it gives you the same crunchiness, but with a lot less sugar. I’ve never tried it with cranberries and almonds too – I think I’ll go do that right now!

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It may sound funny but I eat a bag of low fat popcorn with hot sauce drizzled all over and I eat a whole grapefruit peeled like an orange and on the side I have some sugar to dip the grapefruit slices in. Sounds strange but I almost lost all my baby weight doing this- just 5 lbs to go. I guess eating popcorn too often isn’t good all the time but I do like it.

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Sometimes, when I’m feeling hungry but I don’t want to load up on the calories, I just take deeper breaths. Yum!

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thanks, sdeutsh. i’ve considered it but never tried it yet to use another type of cereal. i really like the texture/flavor of granola.

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Cup of raspberries with two tablespoons fat free Cool-Whip.
3/4 c cheerios in a baggie makes a great substitute for potato chips-nice and crunchy

My trainer told me to come home and microwave a small bag of fresh or frozen vegetables and eat that before I start cooking dinner. I takes the edge off being hungry as soon as you walk in the door.

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But sometimes air can be so filling. So I will indulge in the deep breaths but only when I am passing gas. This is such a chick thread :)

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I love “poor man almonds” or apricot kernels; they look like almond and taste like almonds except they have a natural apricot flavor-high in fiber and the good fats.

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I put Kashi Go Lean Honey Almond Flax in my Sonyfield Farm Fat Free Organic yogurt… it is a much healthier alternative to granola, but retains the flavor and texture.

And mango rocks in any form!!

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Granola and plain yogurt.

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um that is my own homemade granola, on plain whole fat yogurt. Love it!

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@dynamicduo, there’s a simple trick for shelling walnuts whole: use a hammer. A lightweight one is fine. Position the walnut pointed end up on something solid that won’t be damaged by impact; we often use the bricks of the fireplace hearth. You have to hold it. Give the walnut a pretty smart little smack right blang on that little pointed tip, and it should just pop open with a most satisfying cracking noise. Without much practice, you can get good enough to score on just about every try.

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@Jeruba, interesting! All I use is a butter knife. I wedge it into the top of the nut and twist it, causing the nut to start to open up. Then I can go around the nut’s edge with the knife, twisting as needed to continue opening it up. As long as the initial jab doesn’t break the nut inside, it’s possible to shimmy off one of the shell halves and continue the excavation resulting in a perfectly whole nut. Most times it cracks and I get two halves, but they’re still just as tasty, no complaints from me!

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Buy a nice fruit bowl or basket to store cleaned fruit in. Once you buy fruits, wash some and fill the bowl so that tehy’re ready to eat.

DO NOT REFRIGERATE – room temperature fruit is way more awesome. strawberries, grapes, blueberries, oranges, apples.. all of em. makes a huge difference in how you appreciate them when they hit your tongue/teeth.

How to eat grapes!

release your inner child! this is sooo good.. huge handful (or more) of grapes stuff em ALL in your mouth then SMUSH! at least once a week. :)

good for the soul.
minor choking hazard, though it is

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We put (fruity) yogurt in the freezer. It’s fun to eat, and takes a long time (much longer than ice-cream and frozen yogurt). Healthy, but fun.

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Eat nuts and fruits.

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If I still feel hungary in the late evening..I just have Yougart.
Sometimes I add more fruit.

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