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Could You Share Any Amazing Healthy Snack Foods Ideas?

Asked by ninjacolin (14204points) March 23rd, 2009

We need to know what to buy for what recipes!
Also any concepts of healthy food eating.

For starters, a friend of mine taught me that Salads are Slowly eaten snacks. They take a while so they’re actually great for lounging while watching TV or a movie or hanging out to replace Popcorn and Chips.

I also learned recently that you can make a Salad SUPER appealing by simply buying Cranberries and Raisins and Sliced Almonds from the Bulk Section of the Grocer. Some how the textures and the sweetness really make a salad amazing.. i even CRAVE them now. The almonds really help give you back that crunch feeling that we miss from dried fatty foods. I also enjoy a light Raspberry Vinaigrette to go with it.. Highly underestimated!

Any other tips, recipes and resources?!

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