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What to do when an eBay seller does not send you an invoice?

Asked by mirza (5042points) November 7th, 2007

I bought this thing from eBay last night that was listed as Buy It Now . It said on the description that the shipping was $10. However after buying it, when i went to check out, the shipping field was blank and eBay asked to ask for an invoice from the seller. I did so but have not gotten any reply yet. I also emailed him personally again just to make sureWhat should i do? Wait? Complain to eBay?

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heres an interesting term of events:
the vuyer emailed me saying that there was am ” was an error in the pricing system. The camera is actually worth US$218.89 minus shipping.” even thought when i bought it with Buy It now it said $ 43 plus shipping.The seller agreed to refund the money but i feel like i should get the camera that I won.So what should i do???

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typos: turn, buyer , an, though,

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Contact ebay.

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This sounds like fraud. Report it to eBay, and consider yourself lucky you didn’t get taken.

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Perchik is right. Most likely, the seller is scamming through ebay, Let us know if you get the refund.

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Or, maybe, the seller just made a mistake in listing the item….. Damn humans..

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@modern: The seller is offering a full refund – and I am pretty sure that it was a mistake on his part and he did correct it here But still he listed it for 43 and he is required to sell it for 43 by law. So i filed a complaint with eBay as perchik said

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He offered a full refund, but did he pay the refund? Have you received the refund? If so, my apologies to the unknown seller. If not, I suspect the offer is a ploy to encourage you to pay the “correct” amount.

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@modern: the seller refunded the money to my paypal account

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Then that’s settled. You’re lucky, because the “oops I listed the wrong amount” line is a standard ebay scam. Glad you got your money back.

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