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Is this positive for Palestinians?

Asked by JamesL (420points) March 23rd, 2009

Considering the injustice in the territory, what do you think about the article? Paving the way for future improvements?

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Welcome to the collective. Please use the details section to supply some context for your question.

What is your question? Are you asking if this is positive news?

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I remember reading that the US and Israel were claiming that the UN was “aiding terrorist” by it’s work in Gaza.

Fucking ridiculous… And ya know what? Nothing will be done about any of this. There will be no real punishment for Israel nor the US.

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@Marina I do believe he was asking what we thought of the article, I could be wrong. :)

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I am asking about your thoughts on the article listed in the details. :)

I hope that you are wrong but I am thinking that you are right. Now in a few years, maybe something will be done.

Yea, you’re on it!

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@JamesL I hope I’m wrong, too!

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Certainly it is fair to the Palestinians to say that mayhaps Israel was breaking laws.

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I’ll be interested in seeing how Israel blows this off.

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We can only hope. In the recent past, this country has not always been responsive to the UN.

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It is certain that the human rights of the Palestinians have been violated, and not just in this latest conflict…

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