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How can I stop my dog from chewing on my computer?

Asked by please_not_to_ask2 (209points) March 23rd, 2009

He has chew toys. He has old socks. He chews other things. WHY THE MACBOOK?

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Put tea tree oil on it?

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Punch him in the face!

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that’s awful, lol

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Are you being assertive enough in telling him no? Simply put, he’s doing it because he’s getting away with it. Dogs are pretty simple creatures in terms of how they respect others, you have to be the pack leader to have their respect. I have no doubt Cesar Millan would have some advice for you, perhaps consulting his show or books is advisable.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Of course it is, but it would work.

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Also, Macbooks are delicious. You should get a less tasty computer.

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Can you dust it with cayanne pepper at a time you know he will be likley to go after it?

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You can use a commercially available product called “Bitter Apple” or another called “Yuck Gel”. Make sure that he has plenty of chew-appropriate toys, and if all else fails, crate him when he’s not supervised.

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I hear there is sour-tasting medicine for kids who suck their thumbs. You could use it on your MacBook.

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Or spray him with water when he chews!

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@JellyB – I don’t want to spray my computer!

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@please_not_to_ask2 Oh, right. Well then, put something really bitter where he chews….i’m sure you can find something non-toxic somewhere.

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@JellyB – I think I’m going to banish him.

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@please_not_to_ask2 Aw… will feel very lonely and miss him….. ;)

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take him outside.

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@reijinni – He can’t spend a lot of time outside as he hasn’t had his shots yet, and he’s too small to go unsupervised. And no one has time to be outside with a dog all day long. As I’m sure you know, puppies will chew all day long.

@JellyB – I would not be lonely without the puppy. Then the Horus cat would probably hang out with me again. He’s currently not speaking to me, which makes me very sad.

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@please_not_to_ask2 Oh right…..Horus company is preferred. Definitely. :)

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@JellyB – Certainly. I miss him terribly. He won’t even come into the room until I clean it all up because it smells of dog. And he hates dogs, even small ones that are good for hunting (his hunting, you know).

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@please_not_to_ask2 LOL! Aw, poor kitty…. yes, bring him back!! :) I hope you will be spoiling him with catnip after all this recent neglect….....

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@JellyB – I’m not neglecting him! He’s neglecting me! I didn’t ASK to have the puppy set up in my/Horus’ room!

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Don’t leave it where the dog can get it?

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@please_not_to_ask2 LOL! Horus does’t see it that way i’m sure… got some ass kissing to do…. ;)

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