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What is one thing you will not tolerate in a relationship?

Asked by Ender (177points) March 23rd, 2009
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same as trumi

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definitely cheating!!

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Yes, infidelity. No second chances there…..

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Deliberate dishonesty.

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Aside from cheating (I think you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who would tolerate that) Jealousy gets me. A little jealousy is all right, even expected, but when my SO doesn’t like me talking to other men, I chuck him like yesterday’s garbage.

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@please_not_to_ask2 Ditto. Deliberate lying is a deal breaker. Also, abuse of any kind.

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Abuse, physical or otherwise.

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Hard drugs is a no-no; addiction of anything is a deal breaker.

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Flatulence in bed?

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Flatulence in bed you really have no control over… if she can take mine i can take hers…. but what i won’t tolerate is ass play…. or cheating…

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@Dr_C lol@ass play

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@dearest_prudence what about verbal?

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@_liz, I have dealt w/that enough, not so much since I had joined, but I find I would rather be put down than have my jaw broken
I will tolerate it, but I can give as good as I get, that usually puts a stop to that

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Any type of dishonesty and fanatical conservatism.

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Perpetual nagging/yelling.

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@boots- did you take out the trash yet?
take out the trash boots
boots, take out the trash


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@dearest_prudence Oh, God… shutters

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I won’t tolerate mental abuse, or mental games.
I’ve had guys that have tried to make me look small because of their own insecurities.

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Cheating, abuse, massive deception (I’m cool with a surprise party, I’m not down with your wife in Iowa), and games that make me keep a mask on.

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@boots- But that eliminates women.

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@AstroChuck Not all women. Just 99%.

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Adultery, abuse, or addiction. I heard these three A’s a long time ago on Dr. Laura’s radio show, and I agree. She’s a nut-job, but those words ring true with me.

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Just one thing? There are quite a few I wouldn’t tolerate.

Lying, cheating, any form of abuse are up there.

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Cheating, abuse, lack of trust

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cheating or being hit/physical abuse.

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Nose picking. It’s ALL over with nose picking.

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Well, that leaves me out.

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